Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo gr5 martini livery

can anyone make the martini livery for the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo Turbo gr5 as seen at the goodwood fos

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When the pack comes out you can try and attempt it, gotta practice somewhere :wink:

i have tried many times before but i can’t seam to do it as many times as i have tried

I have 90% of the logos for this from another Martini paint… finished up the other 10% today. I will hopefully have it ready tomorrow just depends how big of a pain the linework is…

thanks so much. i am terrible at these. let me know on here when its up :slight_smile:

any idea how long it will be. hopefully the car doe not have any problems.

This is the livery I imagine when I think of the gr5 Monte Carlo. So iconic.

very much the same as me.

I should try this as my next challenge. If I can’t paint it, I’ll still have fun to try.

I had major problems and gave up on it… Sorry, I like the livery alot myself but its just not turning out well. For some stupid reason, the lines on the hood jumped into the front aero. The only way to avoid it was to make the lines go about 75% down the hood so they didn’t extend to the front end. Not sure if that makes sense but I couldn’t continue with it just from that alone, looked terrible.