Is there any way of getting a PETITION together to have a downloadable patch created for LAN gaming on Forza4? I feel this is an issue that seriously needs addressing. Lots of people out there want this issue resolving however nothing is ever done to resolve it like many of the issues/suggestions Forza fans have.

For me, gaming was a way of bringing friends together and enjoying our passion of gaming TOGETHER. Sitting round a table with our several consoles hooked up together, few drinks and snacks and a good face to face chin wag and night of fun. Now it seems like it is becoming a lonely way of “enjoying” MY LIFE LONG PASSION OF NETWORK GAMING… Without the options of network gaming I’m slowly losing my interest in gaming and hope these companies who make the decisions can pull their finger out and help out those who have supported them all this time and enjoyed the last 20 years of gaming as I have.

Get back on the main question peeps!

Since the Xbox 360 is already headed for the Microsoft tech landfill along with Windows XP computers unable to run Windows 7 or 8, I would think the chances of any hardware updates for last gen consoles and games would be very slim indeed.

The first time I ever played on the Xbox was an all night Halo “LAN party”. Much different than sitting alone in front of the TV alone playing online. Unfortunately, I think LAN parties are a holdover from the old time PC gaming days when there were no online multiplayer games, broadband internet service and online gaming has pretty much killed it.

hardware update??? no need for new hardware just an option in the game but that wont happen because, xbox one with Forza 5 is out, & the fact microsoft owns T10 & wants people to buy gold to play multiplayer

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I’m hearing that… and it certainly aint the same when you sit alone playing online. Including LAN options in future titles and on future consoles surely wouldn’t be that difficult. Can only be a good thing to have it :slight_smile:

But if you do not hamnno never even tried to solve the bloc’s xbox when playing online at F4, I figured the problem “LAN”! (not rirsco to do more than 3 or 4 games online and then total blockade, which sucks, but the money for the Gold take them anyway).
They aim at F5? If the take, in times of crisis with very little salary are few who can afford the XboxONe + new games, maybe a little thought if I could still play my games on the Xbox 360 One, but even that is not feasible …
Patience, on the day that does not travero anyone online to play M4’ll take the xbox and throw it down from the window …

I’m sure having the pportunity to play via LAN wouldn’t make people cancel their GOLD memberships as the need to play online will always be there. At the least they could update Forza5 with a simple patch for LAN. If I was to find out forza5 had an option for LAN I’d have myself an XBOXONE and a copy of Forza5. As it stands I’m considering other options and may just sell my 360, leave consoles well alone and just focus on my PC gaming. I’ve seen so many posts from people who aren’t happy to see LAN no longer being used and never any good reasons for it being removed. Xbox Live will always be needed LAN or no LAN. However as I’ve said already, gaming should be about bringing people together and enjoying the latest technology with family and friends.

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