Lamborghini series question about gift cars

I didn’t know there was a Lamborghini season till four days ago ( was stuck in the hospital for a bit ), so I had to get three rewards to move on to season two.
I love Lamborghini’s, I even painted one on my wall, so I’ve worked for the last four days to get in to season two,
Here’s my question: I received the ( Silver Lambo ) and the Black ( Race Lambo ) and I finished %14 in weekly rivals, so I ran a clean lap,
But I did not receive a ( Bronze Lambo ) which also means I didn’t receive the ( 520LP ).
So I was wondering why I didn’t get those two lamborghini’s and is anyone else having a issue getting there cars.

You can only get one for each event. If you get into the top 15% you will only get the silver version, not both.

So it’s kind of strange I get all three of my league cars with no problem from hitting the top 50% for them. But for the rivals I hit the top 5% for all three of the weeks but yet for the first week I receive a silver instead of gold Lambo as for the second week I receive both a silver and a gold one and on the third week receive a gold one with no problem. I don’t know if I’m missing something I’m not stressing over it at all but was just wondering what happened lol

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Oh, ok now I understand, wow thats a bummer, but thank you.

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More then likely they realized made a mistake on giving silver and then gave him gold that was deserved.

The rules wer specific about one per. But there were numerous errors where some got silver when they were really above the 5.00% so they were gifted the gold as they should have been

Enter the photocomp27

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Yeah I don’t know the second week thing was definitely strange lol

The second car was either a fix up for a previous wrong car or just an error.

You need to mathematically be in the top 5% of top scores to get a gold car. Note the leaderboard may say top 5% but you could be between 5% and 5.49% which is not in the top 5%.

You are only meant to get 1 car per rivals week ie either gold, silver or bronze.

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Yeah I got top 3% for Americas and top 5% for top scores so I don’t know…

Yes SatNiteEduardo I am aware of how the rules go but find it odd that I got silver for the first week when I got 3% on Americas and 5% on top scores but yet got the gold no problem for week 3 when I got to top 4% for Americas and top 5% for top scores

The leaderboard does not show the % correctly.

If there are 20,000 entrants then the 5% cutoff is 1000.

1060 would be 5.3% but the leaderboard rounds it to 5%.

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Do the math using top score (not Americas)
Your position divided by total number of players multiply by 100.

Were you more then five or less then five? More then five but less then 15 was silver. Less the 5 when doing the math was gold

5.15% > 5 so it’s silver but displayed on screen as 5%

The “Americas” leaderboard is irrelevant to these events
Just look at “top scores”
Seems there has been many only looking at their region leaderboard instead of top scores

Looks like SatNiteEduardo explained the rest and its the reason some people might have received Silver and then a gold one

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Well I didn’t do no math considering I thought it was as long for the top scores if you were at 5% or less that it would be gold and yes it says top 5% but I didn’t know there was 5. percentage to it all the madness so now not knowing that it’s a total bummer but oh well like I said I won’t stress about it… But wanted to thank everybody for the replies and help I appreciate it!

If the leaderboard for a certain week says something and you got a different car or no car then post a screenshot in the main thread and ask Mechberg or Triton to look into it for you.