Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera LP570-4 Spotted! (Xbox One)

As we all know, this car isn’t available on Xbox One yet, but it is available on the 360 version, so it was a matter of time. I was in single player and spotted the Gallardo whilst in a road trip (a Drivatar was driving it), I took a photo of it but I didn’t receive the reward, even though this car isn’t in my Horizon promo photos list yet. I tried attaching a photo to this thread but it won’t work, so if you’re desperate to see a photo it’s in my gallery lol. Does anyone know when this car will become DLC? There are a few other cars on the 360 version that the Xbox One doesn’t have yet, but this is the first one I’ve seen so far. I love this car, can’t wait to find out when we’ll get it.

As far as i know this was a pre-order dlc car from gamestop, so it probably won’t be out until they release the pre-order dlc pck whenever they announce it

Awh damn it, really? This is the first time ever I’ve seen the Gallardo so I presumed it was a special car or something lol, haven’t even seen it in multiplayer. Well then, I hope the pre-order pack will be available soon so we can get it!

will likely be in the pack after the final “car pass” pack approx 6 months after game release…going by previous forzas…I hope!

Probably because you didn’t follow these steps.

Either way, as has been mentioned, this vehicle has been in your game since day one - just not accessible because you don’t have an unlock code for preordering the game from specific retailers.

Going by the original Forza Horizon, a preorder car pack may be available as early as March.

Yeah we’ll have to see if a pre-order pack is released. That was the car I got for preordering through GameStop (Xbox One version). Definitely a nice car to start out with!

Lol … I was gonna say that I’ve had that car since day one. It was a pre-order bonus car.