Laggy steering on a controller

Hey, I was testing Motorsport and Horizon steering recently and still feel some laggy steering on a controller. It feels like some intertia simulation but it’s not cool for playing. I want to turn, move the stick and the car steering is always behind my actions. Does anybody feel it the same? I don’t say it’s bad but it’s not much pleasant to play because I need to correct the car in the future than just now. Feels like normal input lag but simulating by the game.

I like Motorsport/Horizon physics but this is a bit problematic.

You’re playing Horizon at 60fps right? Motorsports is defaulted at 60fps, Horizon defaults to 30fps unless you’re on Xbox One X or PC where you can kick it up to 60.

Sure, 60 only, that’s the reason I don’t play 1 to 3 for now. It’s part of the simulation. It’s worse in Motorsport. Just asking if somebody feels it too.

I have to have my TV settings on Game Mode else Forza is very laggy. I also don’t use 4K, but that’s because my TV isn’t the best at 4K.

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I told him that in the other thread he has on this, since he would not say if he even tried it I gave up. If you want help you have to be willing to take advice and report back on whether it worked or not or do not bother asking. It does not help, fine but at least we can rule it out. Now 2 people have told you, try it and let us know. It’s a thing and fixed exactly what you are describing for Aqua and I. I also do not have the best 4K TV you can get but it does the job.

Last time I clearly said it’s for Forza only (not other games). Last thread was about slow counter-steering which is similar problem but not same. But you are right, I should put it here too about other games.

I mostly use gaming monitors for playing so I don’t care about laggy TV problems at all.

Other games are fine. This is about steering in Forza specifically. Maybe I am wrong but I want to discuss it here with people because my friends don’t care about it.

Just try it, why do you refuse to even try what is probably the cause? I am not talking about other games. Not all games are going to cause a problem. I only use it for Forza. I do not play many other games. When I was playing some golf game I had to turn off game mode so it depends. What is the model number of the monitor you are using? Some Monitors have game mode too. Some monitors are laggy just like some TV’s are laggy. I am being a stickler because you have described to a T exactly what I experienced when I first got this TV.

“Some game modes can drastically reduce your input lag by 50 milliseconds so it can be of great benefit. You will definitely want to use this if your playing a fast paced game that relies on quick reactions or decisions.”

Sounds like Forza.

Sure, don’t worry, I will test it. I have several monitors and consoles so it’s not easy to test everything.

There is always some filtering with the controller stick. You can minimise it using the sim steering setting, but it’s always there to some extent. The stick just doesn’t have the fidelity to cope with mapping to the full range of a wheel, so it tries to mimic the progressive turn in that a wheel user will use. It’s an element of driving that is definitely helped greatly by using a wheel as you can make fine adjustments to the rate of turning the wheel in and don’t have the problem of having to get the timing of the stick movement spot on in advance. OTOH there are other elements that are harder with a wheel, as you have the problem of being able to turn the wheel too far, whereas the controller auto limits steering to stop short of causing the problem of steering too much.

It depends, I am not sure if it’s filtering or simulation. It makes sense that real car doesn’t react immediately. But I don’t have a wheel now to test it. If it’s different for the wheel, it’s filtering only.

And for instance the game which is very precise and immediate is Gran turismo sport. It plays like a dream because your reactions are immediately transferred to the car.

I am just wondering if lag is a part of the simulation, filtering or something else. But it’s hard to be very precise with it on a controller.

With a wheel, the car’s wheel moves directly with your wheel position, there is no filtering. It’s hard to know what exactly you’re experiencing, but when I used a controller I felt it was most likely just a simple IIR filter implementation. I was always aware that I had to anticipate the turn in and move the stick a little earlier, to account for the time it takes for the car to reach full steering. If you mis-time it, either too early, or too late, you’re stuffed for taking the corner perfectly. Some people think that using a wheel avoids this problem by allowing you to reach full steering quicker, but that’s not how you use a wheel at all. With a wheel you actually turn in slower than the controller turns in, the difference is the degree of control you have over it, and how you can slightly increase or decrease the rate of moving the wheel, to make fine adjustments as you turn in.

Re GT Sport, it has a setting to change the controller filter response rate (“sensitivity”). With the default setting, you can’t change direction fast enough to get through Eau Rouge flat out with some cars.

Feels like some kind of filtering. The effect is it’s too slow to correct. For instance, while overtaking, you need to very precise but it’s hard with that lag. Another situation are PR stunts, you need to be way ahead because of higher speeds.

That’s true, I have maximum sensitivity from start so I am not sure. My friends has a problem with Motorsport only and he probably uses default in GTS.

@turtleCZ I have noticed this as well, most specifically in Forza Horizon 4. I can’t remember the last time I played Forza Motorsport 7 in any sort of meaningful manner, so I cannot comment on its presence there. I don’t really push the limits in the Horizon games like I would in the Motorsport games, but this laggy steering caught my attention immediately. I mainly play Horizon to relax, do some Forzathon stuff etc. so it doesn’t really bother me. I can see it being troublesome though if you were pushing a car to its limits.

I can best describe it as a serious delay in steering inputs from what a player is doing compared to what is actually happening in the game. I am not new to Forza I know most if not all the ins and outs, but I have too been experiencing exactly what TurtleCZ described. Just spit-balling here, but I chalked it up to some sort of game mechanic employed to add to the difficulty of the Eliminator Mode of the game. I say that because whenever I am on a road I don’t know in the game and miss a corner, when I try to correct, I get a serious delay and boom crash right into a tree. I have’t even tried the Eliminator Mode yet, but I am just assuming TREES play a huge role in the game mode.

I personally have never experienced this in any of the other Forza games recently, and I routinely play some of the older games, such as FM5 , FH3 etc.

It’s exactly like that. But is should be part of the Forza system so every other Forza game should have it too. I currently don’t have resources to test everything too. But in Horizon 4 I had troubles with it for a long time but didn’t think it’s possible to do it better. After returning back to Gran turismo sport, it’s completely different steering. So I have one different game and my experience about everything is a bit slow for fast and precise actions. It needs further investigation :smiley:

I also suggest you look at your TV/Monitor settings. I do not care what other games do so don’t tell me. Every game is different. It is the first step when dealing with lag. You need to rule that out first before blaming the game. Like pulling teeth. I play H4 on controller, no lag as described. Game mode reduces lag for some TV’s and monitors that is why it is there.

go into advanced settings and set steering dead zones both to around zero its what i did to fux it

I have 0 to 100 everything. Like in every Forza game (not in 2, it was different). Sensitivity a bit higher to improve lazy movements.

sorry should have given more details… zero inner and 21 outer steering dead zones it will work try it let me know what you think

oh yah this tuning is best when using the d pad to steer more precise control i think