Laggy CR Rewards after race, and no longer in Club?

Everytime I complete a race, it lags while compiling all of my credit rewards. In addition to that, it doesn’t show me as being in my club anymore. Although I am the only one in the club at this time, and I can search for it, and it shows me in it.

But when I click the Club tab, it shows me able to search for a new one, create a new one, etc. Server problems?

I am also having the laggy credit screen. It sometimes also will do it after other events. As for clubs, I still am In mine and the tab opens its just laggy. I think it’s because they are working on the game so I expect these problems to be a result of that.

I would guess that’s the cause, yes. I was having the same issue (with the lag). I think that that is when it’s trying to upload your time/ghost. A similar thing would happen in FM5 if the servers were wonky/down.

I am seeing the same, now quite long delays after finishing a race or championship and being given the option to continue.

I thought it had frozen when it stuck at a total of 0cr after a race, but it was just slow!

Cool game though, wish I wasn’t back at work tomorrow!