Laggy car meet races

Please fix your lag in This game it’s so bad I can’t even race and I have one of - the best internet that I can get

Hey, xINIGHTKILLERIx. I can’t say I’ve experienced any significant lag issues on my end and I have many, many hours put into multiplayer. So, one way to diagnose the issue starts with what you see in the game. If all opponent vehicles on the track are lagging, the issues are 9.9 times out of 10 related to your connection. If only a few of your opponent’s vehicles are lagging - and not the whole field - the lag is very likely a result of their connection and that is, obviously, out of yours and Microsoft’s control.

Are you, by chance, running a wireless connection on your Xbox One? Just because you have great internet does not mean the console is getting a good signal if running wirelessly. There are several factors related to home design and outside interference which may hinder your console’s ability to properly communicate with your router. If you are connected via wired Ethernet, perhaps a complete console reboot may do your Xbox One some good. Do this by holding the console’s power button (not the controller’s) until the Xbox One turns off completely. Then, reboot and attempt an online session.

Try the aforementioned out and see if there is an improvement. Let us know if you make any progress.