Lag Spikes

I’ve been playing FH4 since 2 weeks after release. I don’t own an Xbox, I play on a windows laptop.

When I drive on the mainland, and only the mainland, and going fairly fast (100+) I get random lag spikes. They are small, but still noticeable and can even affect the way I handle the car.
This doesn’t happen during races, even on the mainland, and doesn’t happen when driving slow.
I’m really quite confused and would really appreciate any help!



I’ve experienced similar issue (lag spikes) but for me, it’s everywhere, not just the mainland.

Was able to resolve it by switching to SOLO PLAY. I think the servers may be overworked (LEGOville release?).


Yup! The latest update was meant to resolve these random pauses during freeroam, but alas no.

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Play offline and the problem goes away, if you’re connected to Horizon life you get lag spikes because the game is trying to track you and the 70 other players in the lobby while also loading the environment.

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It might be best to turn on performance mode and turn off quality mode. It might help a little. And yes, I’ve been noticing lag spikes too with the servers, but not as bad until now. The Lego Expansion lags REALLY bad due to what is all going on. Also, it seems like some people are traveling light speed past me when I’m playing online. But I’m not sure if I’m lagging or they’re lagging to cause that. If I’m lagging, why doesn’t it look like I’m lagging on my screen? But if they’re lagging, how are they going so dang fast due to the server lag? This is the consequence of having an all online game. The servers can’t handle this much traffic(internet traffic) and therefore causes lag spikes and increases latency, big time.

Otherwise yes playing offline is a good workaround.

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Horizon Solo seems to fix this problem. So it’s most likely down to PG’s ‘potato’ servers which can’t handle the load it would seem. What a surprise. Ever since FH1 they’ve been terrible.

They just might have to if it’s as bad as they say it is. Honestly, we shouldn’t have to play offline due to Microsoft and Forza’s servers can’t keep up with what’s going on. They should really think about upgrading their server technology if it can’t handle a car driving around an open world. I don’t really play on windows, but I’m sure there’s also a work around similar to xbox to enable enough settings to prioritize performance over the visual qualities. I tell ya… these server based games are getting kind of a handful nowadays. Nothing can keep up with gaming anymore.

If the stuttering is caused by the game loading textures then switching to a faster storage might also help.