Lag in garage menu

Hi. I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but I have the Xbox one S and in the garage menu the lag is absolutely dreadful. Also in the career mode the loading times aren’t great as well. If anyone else is having the same issues let me know. Thank you.


I’m having the same issue, it gets bare annoying, glad to see I’m not the only one lmao.

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You can blame the way the garage is designed. In previous forzas, is only shown a pre rendered imagem of each car, but now, is shown the full 3d model of each car, is cool, but it take time to load car by car.

How it could have gotten by any kind of quality control or user experience team is astounding.

Unless of course there is simply no quality control or user experience team.


Makes me wonder why the demo was even put out as nothing was fixed from the feedback, I assume it wasnt for that and more to draw the PC players in

it’s definitely not just you, I think pretty much everyone is having similar problems with the garage menu

Is this fixed now? Since the update (Oct 27 was it?) i’m not getting the issue anymore. I can scroll through cars fast, and not get the double-car jumps, massive lag etc.

Are you guys updated and still experiencing it?


XB1 and PC.

Still laggy.

Has CTD on PC during fast scrolling.

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Same problem here.

The lag is still there and my game crashed once scrolling through my cars.
In multiplayer lobbies it’s less laggy than before…but still laggy and unresponsive.

It’s not just the garage menu for me, the entire game is lagging. It’s awful when trying to race. I’m not even playing online, just the single player career and it’s bad

Nothing happend here yet. The performance in garage menu is unacceptable. Browsing through your garage is a real pain.

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December 9th and the issue is god awful. I’ve always been a fan of Forza, but every one of their games has some kind of issue in it. And these games aren’t cheap.

As of right now (February 2nd) I am still having extremely bad lag in the garage car menu. I’m hoping this is on their radar as a real issue because it honestly makes me feel like giving up on the game. There’s nothing more annoying than your game crashing because you got sick of scrolling through cars at 1 per 10 seconds so you push the stick all the way and the game crashes because it can’t handle the lag

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Yep… i’m still getting the lag also, and the random double-jump between cars/manufacturers.

It’s like it’s programmed to draw out the full-size model car before allowing the selector move to the next car.

Either this issue isn’t addressed or it has no priority.

Still the same, crashed twice for me last night looking at cars. I realise they wanted something different but they should have just had it the same as the auction house and a fixed pic.

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This is so annoying. I’m trying to select Ford Sierra and the game crashed twice while scrolling fast through all the Fords.

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Still not fixed. WTH? I can’t even scroll through cars. That’s the biggest reason, along with the terrible lighting in many stages that I don’t even race. I’m pretty sure I haven’t used one car from the last three packs because, what’s the use?

It’s sad because I don’t want to dismiss Forza. I thought it was going to be amazing. I was even going to buy a OneX just for it.

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Please fix this, Turn 10 crew. This is killing my mood.