Lag has been out of control since the last update.

Flying cars, Hovercars, Flashing cars, Disappearing cars, Teleporting cars…

It’s all been going on since the last update, Anyone else noticed this? I recently upgraded my broadband to fibre and have no issues in other games which suggest something is wrong with the Forza servers.


I have.

I bought a new “category 6” ethernet cable, tried wifi, everything looks fine, open NAT and stuff…but… I never had that much lag in any Forza before…What’s more, the Bullet-Time effect which is insane, the whole game just slows down and goes back to normal speed while you’re in the middle of a corner…

Given that I share my forza time between making setups and trying cars online only, it’s been pretty rough lately.

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I have been online since FM2 but FM5 so far has been phenomenally smooth online. Raced for 5 hours last night between 6 people with only remote issues and that was occasional driver drop outs; there were no racing slow downs, hovering cars, or whatnot. My upload cap is 2Mbps.

I’ve noticed more lag in the public lobbies, especially with europeans.

I haven’t had a problem with Forza lag at all since the update.

The lag has been bad since the last update as you can see on the leader boards that all the 0.000.017 times are not folks cheating but folks with weak connections racing in public lobbies. Most have no idea they were or are #1 on a drag leader board. lol

Its happened to about 6 people.

Just came from online … no issues to report on my end.

Italians,Spanish and Brazilians seem to lag any public lobbies i race in

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I’m having lots of trouble in Australia, my connection speed is 7mbs and every race I’m in it has the message on screen “weak internet connection”

We badly need regional servers on Azure like the Titanfall devs have provided, They are free so why not use them?

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It’s been Horrid lately, all the hover transporting cars. Friends can’t get online let alone join a lobby. Also the engine sounds online are all out of whack, my engine noise goes from barley audible to mute, while cars 10 car lengths away are screaming through my speakers. So many issues, starting to get mildly annoying. Some statement from someone who knows what’s going on would calm things down! Also running open nat, 50d, 8up connection, no issues ever with other games.

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I was racing in a C-Class lobby when some dude in the room was rubberbanding all over the place while ghosting. He became solid as he passed through my car which made us both laugh.

I’ve been having latency problems for ages, since early February, to the point I rarely play online anymore. It’s pretty hard to race clean when my opponents are teleporting around with ZERO predictability, or I’m suffering from inconsistent game speed. I have a top-notch connection, BTW, this ONLY happens to me with FM5.