Lag and Stuttering in the game menus as well as font size are making the game unplayable.

As i searched online, this seems to be a somewhat regular problem for forza 7 players. I own a XboX S and bought it exclusively for the Forza games. In forza 7 i can’t seem to go around the menus properly, especially when i go to the garage, the game becomes completely unplayable, 2/3 seconds between choosing cars, and sometimes the textures of one car replace another (especially if i’m impatient). The 3d Model should only show if you press a key, not just by passing by. This also happens anyplace you have to see a 3D model.
I would like to know if T10 will deploy a fix regarding this issue, as in a option in the game menu, to make the game interface simpler, without 3D textures, and only the name or a picture. Besides from that, there should be more filters to search a car in the garage and other places, like it’s Power, it’s Weight/Power ratio or other factors. The fact that the filter resets each time i leave the menu doesnt help either. Would be happy also if i could mix HorsePower with Metric scale. I’m forced to go KW/Metric, in my country of origin we always use HorsePower to talk about cars and Km/h for speed (as irrational as it may seem, having the option wouldn’t hurt).
Besides from that and i know that you also made this game for PC where we play half a meter away from the screen, but please allow to increase the font size, i can’t read anything, have to get up from the couch and get nearer the television. Which makes the whole point of playing in a console obsolete.

Thanks for reading.


I don’t get why the garage is so much slower than the buy cars area. They both show me a 3D car rotating on display, yet buy car menu is twice as fast. Still buggy, but faster.

As for the Km/h + horsepower…that’s been asked for for many many generations of Motorsport and horizon and nothing has come. You’d think it would be the easiest and quickest thing to implement, but no.

I think most countries actually use HP+km/h which makes it a joke that it’s still not in the game. Probably the easiest fix to get lot of people happy.


The garage menu has to load your paints whereas the buy car menu does not.



I don’t have any custom paint jobs. I pick a dealership paint job or keep the original paint. I have no tunes ATM. It shouldn’t be any different than buy car menu for me yet lags much much more. If anything, my garage has less cars than the buy car menu so it should be quicker and smoother,no?

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Even if you haven’t changed the paint, the car still has to check, look up and load the original paint job even if it is the default, this would have to be done for every car and the lag is dependant on the number of cars in your garage. If it is in the buy cars area, it can skip this step altogether and just load up the default paint job immediatly, which would have a smaller impact on performance.

I have maybe 3 paints on over 100 cars, and can barely scroll through the cars.

Tuning probably plays a part too I expect.

Actually, I’m not sure that any country uses HP and Km/H.

HP is only really used in the US along with mph
BHP is used in the UK along with mph
PS is used in Europe along with Km/H
and to compound matters some countries use Kw and either mph or Km/H

The solution would be to allow players to select their preferred units of measure from a list - don’t know how troublesome this would be to incorporate.

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my country does use km and hp, its annoying to either, dont know the exact hp / dont know the exact speed in km/h

anyways atleast most of south america uses hp/kmh

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Most countries actually do use HP and KM/H. We’ve had this topic before and people all around the world say they use HP and KM/H.

I live in Canada and it’s all HP and KM/H.

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agreed 100%

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Sure, but HP, BHP and Meteric HP are all different. A lot of countries have adopted Metric HP (PS). This may work for you but my guess is that somewhere else it wouldn’t. I don’t think there’s a single set of units that is universal.

An option for larger font would be nice because even on my 50 inch tv, some font is tiny, from normal sitting distances its way smaller than what a 20/20 eye could see.