Lag and screen-tearing on Xbox... FM7

I was wondering, is anyone noticing lag and/or screen-tearing on the Xbox One release of Forza 7? For me it seems to happen when there is a bunch of particles populating the screen (like smoke and sparks from crashes/wrecking). Screen-tearing also happens when the game lags too, which is annoying to say the least. Not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this…

Oh my god. The lag. THE LAG!! Literally unplayable at times.
Mainly multiplayer, single player seems absolutely fine. But the frame-rate drop in multiplayer when there’s a few opponents on screen.
The drop in frames seems to coincide with the game lagging. I was having a really good clean race last night at Suzuka when this framerate/lagging issue kicked in and my car literally floated sideways into the wall!! Race lost. Rage levels heightened.

It’s like Forza 7 has been designed for XBOX ONE X not enhanced by XBOX ONE X.

Not good. Please fix as it takes a lot of enjoyment out of the multiplayer races.

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In all honesty, I see more of the lag on singleplayer than anything. Although lag sometimes happens for me online though. The lag and screen-tearing becomes really apparent when your racing against drivatars with F1 cars. Usually the first turn is when its really noticeable because a bunch of the AI are grinding, hitting and scraping their way through the turn. The audio crackles as well, but its not quite as annoying as the lag and the screen-tearing that comes with it.

I wish I could post a video on this issue, but I’m on XBOX.

EDIT: Although, now that I think of it, I did get a screenshot of the screen-tearing. I’ll see what I can do about posting it in this thread. Watch this space.