Lack of the feeling of speed

Hey guys,

I’ve recently run a few races on this FM6: Apex. I’ve never played a Forza game before, as I have never owned any Microsoft consoles. I’ve always sticked to PC and numerous racing games (both arcade and sims) on it.

I don’t have any feeling of speed in this game, whatever the car is, from pony cars to the Ford GT. I play in cockpit view, this should enhance the feeling of speed, on the contrary. I have to check the speed gauge to know at which speed I am and to know how I can handle the next turn, it’s very weird. I can only judge if I am faster or slower than the other cars on the race, because I see them closing up or getting away, but I cannot tell if I am above 150 kph or below 50 kph, for example. My PC runs the game smoothly, I tried low settings to see any change, but nope.

Is it specific to this Apex game or is it the same in all Forza games? That’s weird, that’s the first and only racing game that gives me this sensation…

From a Thustmaster TX user I feel exactly the same with Forza 6 on Xbox one. Forza 5 was the same too. I think Horizon 2 was slightly better but still not quite there.
The sounds are great but visual feedback on speed is lacking.

After years on only playing Forza games i have stepped away and bought Dirt rally. It’s different genre than Motorsport but it has the perfect balance of sounds, visuals and feedback.
I have project cars in my cross-hairs and will be buying other racing titles on release.

Don’t expect it to change or get patched in, it think it is how they choose to make their games.

The sensation of speed seems fine to me no different than my other sims like Pcars, Iracing or Assetto Corsa. Of course it does not have the phony sense of speed of arcade games but those are junk and not worth even mentioning.