Lack of drift steering angle on the Hot Wheels Mustang

It certainly doesn’t look or drive like it has the extra steering angle, which I find very odd on a drift car without the ability to upgrade anything in the Platform & Handling section.

I’m sure this has been brought up but I didn’t see anything when I searched.

The HW Mustang is not a drift car but a thoroughbread race car and like all thoroughbread race cars in this game it lacks the drift suspension upgrade. It sucks, I know, but it is what it is. Most annoying is that even the Caterham doesn’t have drift suspension.

It’s neither a drift car or race car.

It’s got drag compounds and that’s why it won’t drift. You can’t change the compounds either. It’s heavy and lacks any serious horsepower. By all accounts it’s useless.

I thought drag tires had less sideways/turning grip but more straight line/acceleration grip, which seems like it would be more suitable for drifting than race tires at least…

It’s racing slicks, not drag tires. Some of the thoroughbread race cars have racing slicks, opposed to the normal cars which have threaded, street legal, “race” tires. Try putting drag tires on a car (in the game) and see what happens, it becomes completely undrivable in corners. Also do a google search and see how many drag cars that have massive front splitters.

The only thing holding it back form being a great grip racing option in S1 is limited suspension travel.

Spring and fluid-damper suspension was the single greatest innovation to automotive technology.

“Make rougher roads, nerf suspension travel.”

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Ah, well… next to cup holders anyway.