Lack of concept cars(YOUR OPNIONS)

Forza 7 has a huge amount of cars but not really concept cars,the only concept is the infinity q60 that is kind of meh.They were my favourite in older racing games like nfs2(ford gt90 and indigo,lambo calais),older GT games(caddy cien,dome zero,vw nardo) and even older forza games(chrysler ME-twelve,saleen s7raptor,lambo miura concept) or even some that never were in games(alfa B.A.T. series, buick yjob).that’s why i’m thinking of adding a big list to the wishlist but first,i want to know the opnion of the comunity to know if i’m the only one with that thought.Leave your opnion here and if you have any car in mind add to the wishlist(link below).Mods are welcome to leave opnion too

P.S.:try adding functional models(there are exeptions) but most important is that the car actually exist in some form in the real world,so no mazda furai(Rest In Flames)unfortunatly


So you’re aware of the car wishlist thread and still had to make a new thread, sigh.


i don’t want your car ideas i want your opnion on the lack of concepts(try reading next time)

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Scroll through the wishlist if you want to know if others want concept cars too.