Lack of actual racing cars

Is it just me or is FORZA targeting to many people I and my fellow racers have a want for more actual race cars and our leagues have lost a lot of gamers to project cars of late and with assets corsa looming it seems FORZA now have need to give us more …where are the Audi A4 and merc German touring cars ? These where in fm4 and where are our wry cars at and ano the yanks would love some stock cars / nascars back too , also Ferrari ffx cars and mclaren p1 gt1 etc , I’m a FORZA loyalist but assets is coming ! Is fm7 coming this year instead of that need for speed wannabe horizon ? Please say yes and instead this time of robbing us for dlc just give us car packs for free if your going to give us as little content

Can we see adaptive weather ? And refuelling and tyre options in pits ? Or is this game just for online caos , drifters and painter So?


These need to be put in the relevant threads.–car-model–is-omitted-from-the-game.aspx