La Casa Solariega Player house bug

Yesterday I got La Casa Solariega player house for free due to having VIP. Now today, after firing up the game again, I can no longer access it, being told that it costs $1,500,000.


im having the same problem. Its kinda sad because the house is quite expensive.

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Got the same problem here. I bought it for free due to having VIP but then it told me that I need to buy it to access it-- and I mistakenly bought it for $1.5M

I hope I can get that refunded… but I don’t really want to create a ticket for that lol


create the ticket anyway and hope they give you back the cash value in your bank account by mistake lol

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same problem here

Same here.

The game indicates, that I have not yet bought the house (despite having using VIP), telling me to buy it via paying 1,5 Million or using VIP.
But using VIP does not work, since i bought the house already.

I have a different house bug with Lugar Tranquilo. The same bug that it was no longer my house after reloading the game but I was able to get it for free again. It’s happened twice now, so I’ve acquired it 3 times for free. This time I kept it as my active Home and it seems to be stable for now I think, until I move house anyway.

Same bug for me for the solariega house.

Yep I’ve got the exact same problem, hopefully they sort it

Same. Game crashed and on restart I was back in the Supra and my default home was the festival. It says that the house was already purchased with the vip so must be purchased for 1.5m

Edit: it’s BACK! On xbox 1 x I just moved the game to an external ssd and started it to test. The house shows as owned.

Same problem here. Picked up the house as the VIP freebie two days ago and set it as “home”. Today, I try to fast travel and it says I have to buy it again. Submitted a support ticket.

Been ok for 3. Hotel is 5mm isf.
Where is 5th house?

Same issue… bought (for free with VIP) and set it as home and now it shows as unowned and needs to be repurchased for 1.5m…

Same problem here, but I bought it again for 1.500.00 credits by accident because it showed VIP for free… I made and ticket and the reply was I should screenshot the issue in action… wonder how tobscreenshot the purchase when I allready bought it… and another reply was, that they can’t see that I own the premium version of the game. The problem here, I won’t even able to play early access without that version lmfao…

Same problem here, says its still for sale and free for VIP, then when buying it, says I already own it. Can’t get in and Forzathon points aren’t doubled. Will do the vid and open a ticket.

So now that I went to record the whole thing, I could purchase it and move in, yesterday was like I said.
Will restart the game few times, to see if it stays.

Same problem for me today. Bought the house yesterday

I’m having the exact same issue. Selecting “Purchase Free with VIP” gives me a notification that I already own the house. But trying to use it just brings up the buy menu again.

Went out for lunch, came back and now it is for sale again and it also says its already purchased …

Alt tabbed to write this and I can move in now, seriously … what in the heck is going on here?

Been using an XBox One standard unit and I have not had any problems with buying and keeping a house thus far. I have noticed the Forzathon points are not doubling even though I own the house that has that as the perk. The game is pretty wonky at the moment.

I also got it free with VIP but then it showed as not owned. Dropped another 1.5 mil to buy it again and since it has showed as owned.