Kurosaki Dan's Forzatography Gallery (Updated)

Hi there and welcome to my Forzatography Gallery of Forza Motorsport 7

I will start this gallery with my first ever Forza 7 shot
I hope that you like my work as much than I do creating it
I appreciate your opinion, so tips, advices or criticism are welcome :slight_smile:
All pictures are unedited unless stated
And last but not least, thank you for stopping by
Enjoy :wink:

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First set: Lamborghini Countach, 911 Turbo S Leichtbau & Nismo GT-R LM

GT-R shots are my entries for the 16th photo contest of FM7.

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Some nice shots, with this one being my favorite

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Wow love the portrait shots well done.

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Ferrari shot and GTR portrait are excellent.

Great work so far, especially on those! Iโ€™m looking forward to more.

That is pretty amazing!

First of all, thank you guys for all the comments :slight_smile: Iโ€™ve been busy with studies and stuff but now I have some spare time and Iโ€™m playing Forza 7 a lot, so expect more updates soon :wink:

Second set: Beettle GRC, MX-5 cup, Trans am GTA, Chiron and P1 GTR

Thank you for stopping by

I like picture 1 and 4 the most. While i think the beetle is a hideous car the picture is well done

I taked the picture because I was doing an autocross rivals event, is a very hideous car indeed.

Thanks for all the comments, I will update the gallery soon :slight_smile:

Trans Am and P1 shots are Fantastic!

Loving the Bugatti and the Beetle!!!

I love this shot! great work

Great work on the Chiron and P1 GTR shots! Looking forward to seeing more.

While this one is my favourite, there is one thing that I feel could of been removed. That being the top treeโ€™s top parts located above the right hand side of the roof. Right how would it be possible to remove such distractions.

The answer is either lower the camera a bit more. Or to add depth, move the camera a bit more towards the car, while using a shallow zoom.