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The last shot looks like you’re heading into a sandstorm! Great photo!

Wonderful lighting in the last shot!

Thanks for the comments!


Nice mood here


+1 to everything Hooker said!

laughing at the tesla at the gas pump!!! hahahahaha

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Thank you everyone for the kind words

Ha I knew someone would appreciate that

That first scenery shot is fantastic!

I love the view in shot 1.

Love the landscape shot! Wish more people would do them

Give it time. Because eventually people will try new styles, shots and even locations.

Captured the spirit of the land well with that scenery shot but the way your captured that bmw all I could do is hear Jeremy clarkson narrating one of his adventures and a lioness stalking their prey reference +1


This shot looks simple but I think a lot of work went into it:

Lovely shot. I also hope you don’t take me saying it looks simple the wrong way. I never really want to say that because it sort of sounds like I’m putting the photo down.

Not at all taken the wrong way thanks for the comment buddy

Great work with the new set KTVDS, that scenic from the last set though :0

Thanks Sergio!

A few more