Kozzy's Forza Horizon 2 Adventure Screenshots

Thought I would start up a thread for my screenshots, enjoy!

Great start to your gallery Kozzy. I especially love the scenic / architecture shots. Very creative.

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Thanks for the kind words bud! My sister and mom went to Italy years ago and they had some pretty amazing pictures they had taken. The architecture of some of the areas in this game look JUST like they do in those pictures. I had to take a few of that aspect and send it to them hehe, they are not big on videogames but Im pretty sure they will be pretty impressed how much some of these shots look like pictures they took with there camera.

Some more from tonights adventures!

Nice shots Kozzy, love the reflections in these two!

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Will have some more tonight :slight_smile:

Agree with Zed, great shots!

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Cheers guys!

Some more from my adventures yesterday, played alot on saturday!

More pics guys, ENJOY!

Hi, please can you say me where to find screenshots about forza horizon 2 taken on xbox 360?
I go on “community” then “gallery” but I see only my screenshots on Forza 1. Can you help me?

The following shot is my favourite since it stands out above the rest. However if you want to know why, then there are a couple of reasons. But the main two have to be the layout and the lighting.

A few more, cheers for checking the thread out everyone!