Koenigsegg Regera ruined and put on leash in Drag Strip event

This car will from a stand still take off like a bullet w/o ANY wheelspin but when doing the “drag strip” event it will spin its wheels like there’s no tomorrow.
Once you leave the event it sticks like glue again on the very same runway you just raced on.
Just remove the car from this event if you feel you have to handicap it like that. What’s the point of including it when you ruin it like that?

Turn on traction control?

Even with traction control it still spins out so yeah.

Well yes I could do that but that is really not the issue here.
This car does not need TC out of competition which is pretty impressive considering its hybrid power output.
I think they intentionally borked it because it’s a hybrid with insane acceleration reaching 400kph in less than 20 secs.
Shame on you turn10!

…oh well just wanted to vent my frustration :slight_smile: