Koenigsegg Regera & One:1 oversteer problem

Often those cars go left or right by itself after I accelerate them despite I’m kept them stock.

Is there any tune or something to make them more stable?

Wheel? Controller?

Try turning on traction and stability control in the difficulty menu, does the experience improve?

Increase rear downforce, decrease differential on both acceleration and deceleration.


Also, your suggestion works. Despite I got credits bonus decrease, your suggestion still helpful thanks.

I kinda want exact number how much I should decrease/increase, but your suggestion is still appreciated, thanks.

When you have that much power on the rear wheels it will spin like crazy & the car will turn the same way as the engine rotates
(on flat surface)

Quick fix: convert to AWD. Use it as is or add a racediff. The racediff should be set to 55/0 in front & 55/50 rear, ca 65% to rearwheels.
Aero like 160 front, 180 rear. This will run ok, no major bad habits. If you want it improved, try my old test-setup. Tested by going
flat out past Bambourg castle; this is a good test to see if suspension is too soft or stiff.

My One:1 test setup: 123 703 885

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Tryed it FRDMZEE?

Sorry, but turning it into awd make it a X car & I would rather keep it as S2.

Is there any stabilizing tune while keeping it as RWD?

Ok. Instead of just a new code, here`s a simple do it yourself.

Add a racesuspension to improve handling. This one is ok as is. Then race-swaybars and set the
rear swaybar to 42, front to ca.38 (stiffer will make it understeer)
add a racediff and set it to 56/50 = steady accelration but no understeer.

Add drag-tyres, and then a race rollcage+some heavy wheels like Tenzo and you`ll have a
driveable S2-car

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They are rather twitchy, but then again, every car is with max weight reduction far as I can tell. Odd as it sounds, I’ve found that lowering the caster can help with this. Wouldn’t happen to be running simulation steering while using a controller would you? That definitely makes cars twitchy.

I’m really sorry, but my car still have the problem. Also using drag tyres turn it into X car.

If you can tell me how much I should lower the caster, it would be helpful. I’m using normal steering.

" I’m really sorry, but my car still have the problem. Also using drag tyres turn it into X car "

Nope, just do exactly as I wrote over. S2-class and no oversteer or handling problem