Koenigsegg One:1

Hennessey is going down with their slow 270.4 mph stretched Lotus!

I hope Koenigsegg can find a long enough run way to finally take back the lead in the top speed race. This car looks amazing and I have more respect for Koenigsegg than I do Hennessey after they whined to the Guinness World Records about the Bugatti Veyron SS being limited to a slower speed than what Hennessey can achieve.

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Anyone on here willing to make a One:1 Forza 5 paint job? I’m gonna try my best to make one but I know there is better painters than me.

Cant wait to see Koenigsegg back on top soon! 280 and onwards!

I could give it a go. Doesn’t look like a particularly difficult paint job. The hardest part will be replicating the vents, really. Won’t be able to get the correct wing or splitter. Maybe this car will eventually make into a future Forza game.

The One:1 is extremely powerful, but it’s also got about 1,000lbs of downforce. The Venom (I’d assume) is built to have just enough downforce to keep it stable at top speed. Now, last time I checked, air at 270MPH is like hitting a brick wall. Now add an ever increasing amount of downforce on to that… How fast do you really think it’d go?

Well it’s specially setup to be an end speed and mad accelerating car so probably very fast. Supposedly, it has been confirmed that it hit 260 mph somewhere but that is just a rumor and can’t be confirmed yet.

Koenigsegg specifically said it’s NOT a car built for top speed, but rather a track car. Koenigsegg has also seemingly given up on trying to get top speed records, as I can’t remember the last time they ran an Agera R to it’s supposed 273MPH top speed… Don’t get me wrong, I love Koenigseggs, but lately (IMO) they’re more talk than walk.

At least with Hennessey they said ‘We can do 270MPH,’ and went and ran 270MPH. They said ‘We can hit 230MPH in 20 seconds,’ and went and did it in 19.9. More proving and less pretending…

You spoke it. Koenigsegge has been all talk no walk lately it’s cool they are going to make this but it’s not faster till Guinness declares it’s faster since Guinesse has to say what’s faster that’s how some people see it anyways haha I’ve noticed lately people complaining about the venom not being made more than 30 lol and how can this be declared faster by Guinesse if they are only making 6 that’s less then 30 if I do recall lol the Guinesse thing is stupid right now the fastest car is the venom we will have to wait and see if they will take one of these 6 on a straight I doubt it though.

I don’t much care who has the top speed crown, worthless technical achievement anyway. But at least hyper cars are starting to get pretty again. The Enzo was god awful and the Veyron was little better. I feel bad for modern kids in some ways, the posters that adorned my wall when I was a kid were Countaches and F40s.

Being almost 20, my posters were the Enzo Ferrari (I have liked it’s looks, but they definitely stepped it up with the LaFerrari), Murcielago, Gallardo Spyder, and 599. But I also had a Tesla at one point and CCX but they got ripped. I have never liked the Veyron, and the Hennessey is just ugly. Koenigsegg has always been my favorite hyper car, although now the LaFerrari and P1 are stepping it up big time.

The Venom is still just a gloryfied kit car and John H. is still an ass!

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claps well said.

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Where’d all this random anger come from? Dang son!