Koenigsegg Agera Striping Issue

I just noticed that my beloved Koenigsegg Agera has a striping issue… please see the photos attached. In the first photo it shows that the top side of the Koenigsegg Spoiler is fine then the rest show the issue. Please fix T10…

3 by th3d0wnfa11, on Flickr

2 by th3d0wnfa11, on Flickr

1 by th3d0wnfa11, on Flickr

4 by th3d0wnfa11, on Flickr

I’m pretty sure this is not due to shadows, but i may be wrong.

Just another paint glitch unfortunately mate that needs to be added to the long, long list of other cars with the same problem & then just hope that sometime in the future it may all get sorted…but dont hold your breath.

Unfortunately with the high level of detail that goes into each car, this kind of thing is almost certain to happen. There is the rim coloring glitch, where the rims change to chrome after going above 30 mph. There is the glitches on custom bumpers on cars and on DLC cars that have always been in Forza series, etc.

The Ferrari Scuderia has an even worse paint glitch. The stripes do not line up with the middle of the car. It is a very visible mistake when you are in hood view.

Good to know. Thanks all for your input!!!