KM/H and Horsepower... why is it STILL not there?

It’s getting kinda frustrating that I have to look at annoying kilowatt if I want my speed to be KM/H.

Why aren’t the devs doing stuff like this… it’s NOT that hard to put in a “slider” for both measurements…
PLUS I really don’t get it… as far as I know it’s pretty mush only Germany that measures in KW and not HP from the KM/H countries

I would also love for them to start using the Nissan 180sx which is the original instead of the horrible american 240sx version, or at least give us the option to put in the SR20DET engine instead of the weak NA 2,4l engine it comes with… It’s enough of a cult car (even the 200sx version) for them to almost HAVE to honor it with something like that…
But that is just nitpicking for me I guess…
The KM/H and HP option is way more important to me. PLEASE fix it


Actually Australia does too, and since this game is set in Australia, that’s probably why they did it. To convert Hp to kW is not that hard- 1Hp = 0.746 kW.

If that was even the case… how do you explain the fact that Forza has done this forever?

And I know how to convert… but why do I have to? Can’t it just be normal instead

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I don’t know how your way is ‘normal’, it’s different for almost every country.

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Which is why we should be able to decide ourselves… so it can be normal for all of us.
That’s the entire point of this thread

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They’ve had KM/H and kW be in the same setting since the first Forza game.

thats not true we use both HP and kw but mostly HP (PS in germany for horsepower)


+1 as well. And I want to see the 0-100 km/h values in the simulation data. Not the 0-60 mp/h converted into 0-97 km/h.


Ye this is important. Such an easy fix, just proves that Turn10 doesn’t listen to any of our complains since day 1.


I would really like this option too.

that said, after nearly 10 years I’m used to sit with my calculator on my laptop next to me and do the math whenever I want to know. whatever HP *1,36 and i’ll have my answer.

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I hoped Forza Horizon 3 would have the option to change KW to HP, but i guess I will have to live with KW in this game as well… :confused:


Just like in the UK we use a mix of Imperial and Metric and many of us prefere certain units, not everyone in the UK likes to use Metres nor does everyone like to use Yards, its a right mix. S while we are mainly ok with good old imperial, we dont really use fahrenheit an more, so tyre temps are kind of a faff to deal with.

Here are common units used.

Power: BHP (HP is close enough)
Torque: lb-ft although some do use n/m
Speed: Miles per Hour is used across the board
Weight : most use KG for things like cars, commerce, etc, stone an lbs are really only used for human body weight or used at home.
Temp. Celcius
Pressure : Some use bar and some use PSI

Since the EU tried to impose Metric on us and sort of succeeded and sort of failed, we’v ebeen let in the half and half situaton and in the Forza games arent suited to us no matter hat units are used. Ideally options for each one would be great, say if I wanted weight in KG but spring rate in lb/in i Could or power in BHP but torque in n/m.



+1 here. Really misses to be able to have HP and KM/T (Or KM/H For you other people) It’s annoying to use a calculator just to see how many HP one got.


I have no idea why we Germans are related to kw…the industrie wants to get us there, but in general we all use HP (PS). The only country I know that uses kw and km/h is Australia.
So for Horizon 3 it would be the first game where it actually makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the very first Forza we want this… I bet the CRX still has no sideskirts too

Interesting about you guys using horsepower… both and measure in kW, and if I remember correctly your registration papers does too…
I’ve imported 2 of my cars from you guys, that’s why I have experience…
But cool to know you use horsepower also… funny that the sites doesn’t

But this fact made it even more annoying that Turn10 aren’t listening about this… this literally says “screw Europe” then, at least with my earlier statement, they could have used Germany being a big ass central country in the EU as an almost valid excuse…

But my earlier point about the Nissan S13 also seems like an issue with them thinking “too American” :-\

Southern european here.

Registration is in KW, technical documents are in KW, apart from that we never talk anything but HP. I’ve never seen an advert using KW as a unit.

9 Forza games in 3 console generations, yet here we are.


You are right, everything is measured in kw for some time now…but we are stuborn people :grin: We still use HP(PS). I have no idea how much a number in kw really means powerwise…I really need a converter to make the kw number into a hp number to have a clear picture in my head. So I know that much is much…but how much exactly…no idea…:grin:

Also if you ask non car people here how much power their car has, they might know the PS…but if you ask them for KW they might stare at you in disbelieve, not knowing what you have asked for :joy:

So much is under that hood? “340 kilowatts” No way. That car should way at least two tons!

To the point. Here in Norway as well the paper says kw. But we all say HP really. That’s what we mainly know.

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