Kill Collisions For Multiplayer Please?

Hello Forza Community,

My name is Young Coaches. I am new to the forum though I’ve been racing since Moto GP 2. It surprises me that I see no option where I can race online and compete with other fellow competitors avoiding collisions and purely racing. This may have been covered, but is there any chance that multiplayer mode have the option to race without collisions in the future? Thanks for your time.

Respectfully Yours,

Young Coaches

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You can race in the Online Leagues using Ghost Cars.

Also, there should be a online mode currently using C class cars where ghost cars are in use. I am sure they will add more ghost multiplayer lobbies but Leagues is a good place to start.

We have to wait until all the party crashers are being put in the same lobbies, so that the clean racers can have some fun. Because of this new “true skill” stuff, the way you race determines what kind of racer you are. So that you can be put in a lobby with racers whom are on part with your skills. But that’s only the explanation of T10, it has to be proven as of yet.

The one thing they don’t tell you is it needs to have a certain amount of people before it can work properly.

This might just be me but ghost lobbies isn’t racing! If you can drive right through the person you’re trying to overtake then there is no challenge - no trying to outbreak them etc.

I understand why you ask for them and sometimes hotlapping with other people as ghosts (as this is effectively what it is) can be great fun. However real racing means trying to overtake and go round people, taking corners using lines other than the optimal one. I know the lobbies are chaos at the moment but they always are for the first 2 or 3 months of a new Forza game.

Each to their own though, if you can get enough like minded people together for a race in a private lobby then set it up with no collisions and I’m sure you’ll have a blast.


I don’t prefer ghost lobbies either. I feel like I’m just running rivals with a group rather than actually racing. Just doesn’t feel right to drive through cars rather than having to find a different line or way around to pass. I’m glad the ghost lobbies are there for those who enjoy using them though.


I like both.
Collision lobbys are great if people want to race. I rather race non collision, than not being able escape the back.

It’s obviously really hard to put faith in a dozen strangers when you’re all fighting for the same area of track. It is most likely that there’ll be tears. Which is why I encourage a few more collisions off races. They can be good for anyone. Those learning the trade can follow and watch faster drivers in action. Those at the top can challenge each other for every single hundredth of a second and inch. It’s amazing, how many top times have been set in ghost leagues. Amazingly, even I have done such.

If you feel that you need real racing then there are many external websites that organise their own series and championships. You’ll find a few advertised in the Racer’s forum, or you may hear some from word of mouth. But there are plenty more better and capable drivers on these sites as it’s not a lottery on what lobby you may end up in!

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There are lobbies with both and rivals mode also has no collisions. Without collisions it isn’t ‘racing’, its hot lapping. The difference is you can be fast when you own the entire track but its another skill to drive fast with others. That said, I think ghosting collisions after the contact is necissary. Racing with other cars is a much harrder skill set than just hot lapping and because of this a lot of players are going to crash. I would argue these incidents could be ghosted sooner as to not collect half the field in the carnage.

You will always have ‘crashers’. Report and kick them, but most people are nice and trying to do good. It’s just most are still developing ‘racing’ skills so they aren’t perfect. This is exasperated by the ‘second place is the first looser’ mentallity and the brevity of online races that push people to make rash moves. If you drive clean and patient you can typically get top five just thru attrition.

I would also be intersted in hearing more about how the true skills system works. If is really accounting for clean driving why not make it visable to players. They may care more about how clean they drive if they saw its impact on thier rating.

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Totally agree with the end part here have a ten star rating system and the more you collide the less stars you will have the faster and cleaner you are the more you have :blush:

Im glad there are ghost lobbies becuz after 5-6 races getting rammed purposely gets a little old… … Yeah its not as good as contact racing but too many idiots in those lobbies…Only way around it is private league lobbies…

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Hey I hear some of you mention Rivals and leagues for no collisions. I love hot lopping, but as I go into that second lap and I see no ghost, it makes me feel lonely. So I back out and go into something else. Is there a way you can change the option so you can see the ghost of that #1 ranked racer on the leaderboards? Or at least a option to see the best lap you just ran? B/cIt records my time but not my ghost.

Also for leagues, I didn’t go well into it. I only click on multiplayer then select the car class. as I look more into it, maybe this thread can sure be useful for some help.

Anyway huge thanks for the push.

Go to the leaderboard you’re going to do and before you go into it, select the #1 and set as rival.

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they definitely increased the time it takes for you to turn into a ghost after a collision on this game compared to previous forza games.

the other day i was bounced down the entire start straight for about 25 seconds before my car turned to a ghost.

I believe one fix could include ghosting cars that are not on the same lap. this would help stop some trolling.

I’ve campaigned for this for 3 iterations now. It’s something that’d work a treat but the powers that be have other forever impending matters. Hopefully now they’ve sorted the big drivetrain glitch, this might eventually make it on their to-do-but-stall-on list.

I think that forcing the braking line might help the cause a bit too as sometimes it seems that people don’t know the track enough to start braking early enough. Sure it won’t stop the purposeful rammers but maybe help some.

It won’t help unfortunately. You have to brake earlier naturally as there’s going to be a queue effect into turn 1. Not only that, but you start off with cold tyres and you lose a lot of grip there. In higher classes, the following car(s) will have less downforce and less braking grip available, so they’ll have to brake earlier too.

Many people just can’t compute that and it only takes one person to cause a chain reaction.

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I too enjoy racing with the collisions on but at the moment the lobbies are murder, once these idiots get bored (which they will) we will be left with mostly clean racers, i accept that accidents happen i have caused a few myself but they way things are at the moment it’s just a crash fest, it’s a real shame for the guys that just want have a race with like minded people.

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Introductory C-Class in the multiplayer is no-collisions and there has been a ghost version of a league event every week so far. I use ghost lobbies almost exclusively. I’m of the belief that ghost racing is more real racing than avoiding a pack of 2,000HP Humvees bombing every corner trying to wipe out the field and waiting to swing across the track when the field comes around to lap them. Others versions of reality may vary though.

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