KellysCornering of Paint Pepper1 Wip2

Hello Fantasy paint fans, this is my little corner where I will post my paints, wips and stay in touch with all you fine fellows =)

To start things off, this is what I an currently working, I hope to have this main image done today/tonight/tomorrow lol

IDK why its so white, I used the same skin tones as I did on Hint Mint1 . . .

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My Forza 4 paints . . . to come later

more forza 5

reserved for images

reserved for images

reserved for images

Looks good so far. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in the end.


Looking good Kelly. Was nice talking with you the other night will catch up with you soon.

Nice Start Kelly, Can’t wait to see finished worked.

+1. Nice start.

Thank you everyone, this inspires me to get back to painting.
@Freebird I enjoyed meeting and talking to you as well. Hope to hang out soon, maybe even race some too =)

Yeah, I can park here. Looking good Kelly.

I want to see this finished. So far so good though. :wink:

Nice start, look forward to seeing more

looking good
and why it looks so white is cause of the light hitting it once you turn into darker spots on track it will look normal