Kata's / Extrax Photos

Fall Pic oh don’t mind the fps counter lol

Here’s some winter pics really need to get more vary on shots angle >_>

only got these lol, just trying new angles

My favourite from your first update is this one.

yea that’s also my fav so far lol, trying to get more scenry shots like those since its spring now

expiremented a bit more with more scenery

This shot is on point!

Thx man! New batch coming later tonight!

These are killer shots!

Thx for the likes! here’s a huge photo dump and the green 350z is a re-create of my friend @miketenga car

Rally photo set

I like the idea you were going for in this shot. But I think a low aperture would work better with the manual focus setup in such a way. Parts of the background would be slightly out of focus.

yea been slacking lately but will take that advice thx for the tip