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Hey all, this is my first post and will probably be my last. I just wanted to say I dont like racing games. I have Forza 5 and played it alot but in my opinion it was pretty meh. I’m the least creative person I know so designing isnt my thing, and tuning cars is about as fun as being pricked with a thousand needles.

But I went ahead and bought Horizon 2 last night. I dont know why. Maybe with all the talk of that other racer that released yesterday, I felt like I should support a good developer. Boy am I glad I decided to pick it up. FH2 doesn’t make me love racing games but its trying really hard to do it. I have not one single complaint about the game. Its just plain fun.

So in closing great job Playground and Turn 10 for making such a great game. I hope everyone here enjoys the game as much as I do.

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I agree with this game being a great job, there are quite a few bugs and things in the game though but in general it is probably my favourite Forza ever. They have got the balance between arcade racer and the more realistic elements spot on. I have bought every Forza game to date and this one just seems to have nailed it. I have already played this game more than I have played Forza 5 and I haven’t even owned it a week yet. Forza 5 has been one of their weaker titles to date, it was too rushed.

Well, nice to see you finally made it here lol. Don’t let the fact your not a racing game lover keep you from posting. Not everyone here is a die-hard gear head.

I’m not the most creative person either at times, but i’ve had paints featured by Turn 10 a couple of times, i’ve tuned some great dragsters and generally had fun and made some great friends on the forums.
As with anything, the more you put in, the more you get out. Experimentation is key to this game i feel. Go out and explore, jump your camper van 100M, drift a priceless classic through a tunnel, and play tree dodging in a truck. This game has lots of variety, so even the least raciest of players can find fun.
Now take your Brony, Cod loving, ‘I play games for the story’ attitude, and go brainwash yourself into loving Forza and car culture.