Just purhcased Season Pass for Forza 4 from Amazon.com


I just purchased for $30 the season pass for Forza 4 and cannot download any of the cars, when I click on the X to jump to car pack offer nothing comes up, please help!

Forza 4’s DLC was removed months ago, here’s the main thread about it. If I copied my DLC data to a flashdrive and sent it to you once you redeem the season pass it should give you access to the first 6 car packs, but that would require you knowing my address, so… Nothing myself or anyone else can really do for you. : (


Hi there,

Thanks for your response, so they shouldn’t have sold it to me I guess, Is there any chance of uploading this to a new dropbox account that we could setup to allow people to download this? We could set it up as forza4 downloads with a password that would not allow any one access to you? I would greatly appreciate it and I guess others would too?

Thanks in advance!

I didn’t know this was removed as I had been playing Forza 6 and Forza 5 and hadn’t heard anything through the Forza HUb, that would have been nice and I would have downloaded it before they removed it.


I hear ya, but at the same time I’d only be providing the data for the DLC, the user still has to pay Turn 10 to access it. And I get nothing in return for it, so it’s very much a grey area.

MRHXGTS, can you PM Helios and ask him if I would be permitted (or at least not legally persecuted) to do this? If I can get clearance I’ll get the Dropbox thing figured out. (I’d PM him myself but I’m rather busy working on something at the moment.)

Edit: The data may be set to my gamertag, meaning someone could do a Transfer Content License, essentially stealing the DLC from me. That’s quite a risk…

No problem Yakov, just making sure you guys remember that some businesses can be unreasonable in these circumstances - can’t say I would have an issue in this case though.

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Thanks Funky Dunk 1977,

I already contacted Amazon and explained what has happened, to their credit they have given me a full refund and I asked them to remove it as a saleable item but that will be up to them. I did however manage to purchase a working Porsche Expansion code from MS Canada store and that has worked as well as a working BMW M5 download code with two extra tracks.

I cannot believe they would pull this without telling us. I have been playing Forza since the first one and had already downloaded all of the upgrades for Horizon and would have done this sooner if I had been told. I also use the Forza HUB around seven times a week and never saw a message saying that this would happen. Just not good enough, the files should be reloaded to the store front immediately for a period to allow people to get this. I am very annoyed at the treatment here as I am a mid 40’s gamer and game collector.


Thanks Yakov Alfa,

Firstly I will check to see if the DLC is linked to the gamertag if it is we will not be able to go any further, I will check if DLC I have downloaded previously is available on another gamertag on my 360 and come back to you. if it isn’t that will be the end of the story. I will do this when I get back from work and see how I go.


Ok it I have tested my Forza Horizon DLC with a new Gamertag and it gave me access to the Horizon Rally which I downloaded with my Gamertag with a new gamertag. So it looks as though the DLC is not linked to the gamertag. As you still have to buy the season pass at only 108kb it looks as though the DLC is not only activated by having a season pass, I will contact Helios as suggested to see his thoughts. We don’t want to transfer the data but just make a copy of it. I uses XPORT 360 to backup my 360 hard drive to my pc often so I don’t get caught my a hard drive crash. This happened to me in the past and I lost my game progress so I am extra careful.

I will contact him now and see how we go.

Hi Yakov,

Can’t seem to find Helios anywhere in the posts, have you got any idea where is best to contact him?



Here’s Helios’ profile. You could also try contacting johniwanna, DLC is kinda his area of expertise.

I don’t like how the thing that’s actually being helpful is being drowned out by a. People being like “OH NO FORZA REACHED IT EOL AND NOW I CAN’T BUY THE DLC AND BLAH BLAH BLAH”, and b. People being like Oh you wanna race me bro oh yeah I’ll race you i bet 2 million pink slips (which I don’t even think are a thing in this game) that you won’t win, and c. People just being plain rude. Whilst we’re over here trying to actually help people. So like why exactly is this happening, what’s the hold up?

I’m waiting to hear back from T10 as to whether or not I’ll face legal persecution for uploading my DLC data for others to use. It won’t give them the DLC for free (you’d have to buy the season pass and then you’d unlock the first 6 car packs), but it’s still a grey area. I’m also afraid of the possibility of someone doing a content license transfer once they have the data, which would steal the DLC from me.

It’s something that has (as far as I’m aware) never been attempted before, so I’m a bit hesitant. Been burned waaay too many times from trying to help other people.

Yeah they seem to not reply about EOL’ed stuff, to me I’m not sure if it’s just me though but is Forza Horizon 2’s DLC also EOL (the Xbox 360 version that is)?

The 360 version of FH2 never got any DLC.

Are you sure? I could have sworn it had some.

Also apparently it wasn’t Turn10’s fault it was removed suddenly they didn’t even know it was reaching it’s EOL cause Microsoft never told them.


Microsoft had no hand in this, it was all Turn 10. And even if Turn 10 didn’t know when the licenses would expire, they could’ve released a FM4 Ultimate Edition will all DLC and unicorns on-disc.

Yakov, unicorns were on the disc - access to them on the other hand…

I know, I meant to say that by using the UE disc you would unlock unicorns for purchase in the dealership.