Just picked up the game - some general feedback and thoughts

I picked up F7 during the Holiday sale and generally content with my purchase.

I’ve a few thoughts though and was wondering if anyone from the community could have a read and share their feedback;

The game has a fantastic track/car roster and the on-track experience is very, very good. However, I noticed that there can be a lot of laggy navigation when selecting cars.

Additionally, I had the volume turned up to nearly 70% on my 7.1 digital surround system, but I cannot seem to get the cars to sound loud and impactful. Since we’re on the subject, I noticed that some of the cars sound bizarre - for instance, the LaFerrari has an 8-cyl note while the Lambo Aventador does not have that signature exhaust snarl. Anyhow, not major game breakers, but would be nice to have it resolved in an update. Came across several other notes that sounded off but work has been crazy and i didn’t compile a list unfortunately.

I came across some cockpit views where there was no gear shifting animation and I wonder if this happens due to a lack of resources, I can’t be sure. Also, the lighting seems off in certain areas during night and foggy weather - seems unusually dark.

Thanks for reading, Forza 7 is a superb game. I hope the issues can be looked at. Thanks Turn10!