Just Noticed the Market Place is now live!

I haven’t played in about three days but I could have sworn that the Market Palce still said “coming soon” or what ever… I noticed today when I strated Forza up that the Market Place is now live! I haven’t even seen anything on the Forza website about it. Weird…

Yeah, it was a quiet launch. We had a thread, briefly, but I think it turned whishlist or something on page two, and got locked. Not really much to be said about it anyway.

I just wanted to play Forza for a second, but the updates took forever. I hate updates. Bought a beta machine. Sad.

I can’t even begin to comprehend your way of thinking. It’s not that it’s a “beta machine” it’s that it is constantly evolving. You must not understand the way technology works if your statement is the way of actually feel and your not just trolling. It is the same with EVERY console, Computers, Operating Systems, Cell phones!!! Even BluRay players have updates! You should just quit using all electrical devices if that’s how you feel… Sheesh!!! And you do realize that the last Forza update included the FREE Long Beach track, right?!? You should go back to the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo… They were the last systems that had nothing to add to their feature set for the life of the systems… That was like late Eighties…

Like just so you like know - online console gaming was introduced by Dreamcast in the US in 1999, and adopted by Sony for PS2 via an add-on network adapter and integrated into the PS2 Slimline model in August 2002 while the original Xbox was released with integrated adapter in November 2002. So like the stone age like lasted a lot longer than you like thought like.

Bad move. The word on the street is VHS is the way to go;)


Rolling on floor laughing. I love it!
Yep saw the market place open. did a quick tour. I came, i saw, i left to play the game in career mode.

So you hate new free tracks given to you in an update? Sad.

I noticed it Wednesday night but it wasn’t really noteworthy. It is exactly what I always predicted - one-stop shopping for DLC and tokens.

Please keep the thread on the topic of the Marketplace in Forza 5.

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Haven’t been on in awhile when did Marketplace open up and anything worth while

…17 days later

It’s been up for a month or so. Still nothing to be said about the marketplace. Just the place to buy DLC, just like it was in every other Forza it’s ever been in. Not really all that exciting.

Now somebody stab this thread with a wooden stake, or a silver bullet. Anything. Just do it before it gets loose from the castle, and starts trying to eat people’s brains or something, lol.

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Long answer: …No

Short answer: No

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It’s funny how you think everyone is laughing.