Just my 2 cents on locked cars and other stuff in F7


i did all career racing, bought all cars which are not locked and keep on racing often
as a reward when i “level” up i can choose:

  1. Money (which i dont need anymore as i cant buy any cars)
  2. A Car (which i already own no matter which car is offered)
  3. Racing Suits and when i have all of them i can get Mods (which help me to earn even more Money which i dont need, see choice 1)

So why not make Prize Crates which cost 1 Million Credits and have a 5% chance to contain any locked car.
This way earning money makes sense again, using mods to earn money makes sense again AND the more locked cars you own the lower is the chance these 5% give you one you still need.
Not to talk about the chances to get the last ones until you own all.

Not to forget this would give you at least a chance to get them all, even when you have to grind tons of credits and will progress slow. Even the smallest chance is better than no chance for who knows how long.

This little (and possible) change would put usability to stuff (money, mods and more) which are plain and simple useless the moment you own all not-locked cars.

And just for the people who think this would be too easy, there are over 100 locked cars, you have 5% chance to get one so one per 20 Crates or 20 Million Credits you spend
and when you only need 10 more cars (aka you own the other 90) your chances lower to like 0,5% to get one you need aka 1 per 200 Million credits you spend.

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You forgot to add, “this is not a wishlist”

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And then they could bring back Tokens and the loot crate whiners’ doomsday scenario would be complete.

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For a simple reason: people would then whine that locked cars are in lootboxes.

As if you were held at gunpoint by Turn 10 in order to buy them.

I’d be ok with it if the cars weren’t only in the lootboxes, but I’d still prefer no locked cars at all.

The locked cars deal is there to make people buy the game on day one. Microsoft is not stupid. :wink:

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Other games have been locking base content and stunting progression by using microstransactions and loot boxes. Do you want that to happen to Forza? It’s a valid reason to be concerned.

Nobody complained about the “whiners” when the VIP changes were reverted.

Fact is Money (Credits) and Mods are useless the moment you own all buyable cars.
Prize Crates are rather useless too

Take for example the Mercedes 300 which is locked. So far there was zero chance to get it.

With 1 Million Credit / 5% Chance for any locked car Prize Crates all this would change, Credits and Mods would be usefull.

Sorry i fail to see ANY disatvantage from putting up such Crates, all i can see are positive changes to the game overall.

The downside to your argument is that the cars were locked in the first place. To be honest there should have been two to three chances to earn every locked car in the game by now and there simply hasn’t been. Locked content just means for a lot of players that they don’t get to use that content. Not everyone can play every day. Not everyone can amass 250 million credits when it takes around an hour of racing to earn a million credits using mods and upping difficulty.

Your system would just encourage the developers to implement the rest of their original plan of adding micro transactions which I could guarantee you would not be micro at all.

GTA online is a great example of this. $20 US buys $1.25 million credits in game. Some DLC cars cost twice that without modifications so if I was to only use shark cards to buy cars in GTA online I could spend $40 to $50 just to buy one car from a “free” DLC.

Making an option to put locked cars in expensive crates would slow the already dismal drip feed of locked content through events and would make the auction house even less usable because the developers would not want players selling “rare” cars to other players as that would cut into the lucrative loot crate smuggling business.

The best and most complete solution is to remove the locks and let us buy them normally, or make the cars unlock through normal progression of the game like old Forzas. Win a Shelby series one for completing a tournament in single player using a Shelby cobra 427 would be an example from an older forza (2 I believe).

Do not encourage devs to implement a system that would inevitably lead to more locked content and less freedom. Forza is not a game that benefits from feeling like a grind. Racing games are naturally repetitive so requiring players to repeat the process more and more often would cause fatigue and boredom. It is supposed to be a game, a toy, a diversion. I should not have to think about earnings per hour or what car I will miss if I skip an online event. I should just be able to enjoy my purchase and RACE for fun.


We could just not have locked cars which would be pretty cool. :ok_hand:


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I understand the concept behind the locked cars; create an incentive to keep the player playing.

The problem I see is that they dangled them in front of us. Here they are, right in the listing of cars; however, you can’t have them. It may have been better to keep these cars a mystery rather than disclosing them to us up front.

I understand they wanted to create an incentive; however, I think it has turned into more of a resentment.

But, then again, we posters on this forum are probably a minority anyway… so, who cares.

Thanks for your feedback, you can contact the developers directly via their Email Forzafb@microsoft.com