Just Make A Lobby

So many cars, so many classes, so many types. And yet… what’s the point if we can’t choose?

Horizon Tour is random with 2 minutes to prepare. If you don’t have the car or a tune you’re forced to find a pretune because it’s impossible to tune yourself.

Open racing is random and only the best cars matters if you want to win (there’s always that ONE dude). Even if you just want to play with your friends, you can’t choose what class/type you want to play and that is just a stupid decision.

FH5 has an immense rooster of cars… and they are all pointless. There’s no agency, no choosing, no customizability in a game that advertises itself as being the most customizable car game.

The brainless players that you seem so focused on cattering to don’t stay as long as the ones that care for the game and it’s longevity. Let us choose!

Just make a lobby and let us choose what class we want, what type, hell, i don’t even care if the races are randomized, just let us have some agency in this god forsaken multiplayer. Make the game better instead of making it ever more brainless. Grow some chest hair, some balls, some tits for all i care, but just improve where it REALLY MATTERS. F sake…


Honestly, port the old systems from Forza Motorsport, you choose a class, then you get to vote over the tracks and can change car in between. Its tedious and pointless that I should need to back out everytime I see a class and race combo I dont want to drive just to get another one of the same when i go matchmaking again. Just let us choose from D to X and match up with players that want to do the same and then map for one or three maps, whatever really as long as you are able to queue up for what racetype and class you want to actually do.

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