Just kill off Non-FE Unicorn Cars already!

Except Forza Editions, every unicorn car should have two ways to unlock them. Through the autoshow at a very high price or a very hard challenge and once you complete it, you get the car for free and give players the actual sense of pride and accomplishment (Offline and Online).

In FH3, the Forzathon ended last February 2019 and what did they do with the Unicorn Cars, nothing. Yep, nothing. You still had to get them through the auction house. And once the servers shut down. No more chances for a while or even forever.
I bet it’s also the same for Forza Horizon 4 in 2021.

And tis will be locked down because they don’t like the idea.

I don’t care about the wishlist post. They are just posts where good ideas go down the drain.


All cars should be made available to purchase in the autoshow with credits with no need for online connection when the game’s servers eventually go offline.


I agree that rare cars should be available, maybe they can make them available for 100% completion of the playlist.

If everything was available in auto show, people would complain there’s no new content


So put them in Forzathon Shop. Then people can play the content, earn points, and buy them.

Totally agree, time-gated exclusive cars have no place in Forza. There needs to be a completely offline, guaranteed method to obtain every single car in the game.

The dev’s mishandling of these exclusive cars in FH3 and leaving them forever locked after the last regular Forzathon ended was a very sad day for the Forza franchise, and does very little to encourage me to buy future games if they’re going to keep up with this time-gated exclusivity nonsense.


They’re probably forced to keep doing it so people stay subbed to gamepass and xbox live.

I know, and if games as a service is the future of Forza, then that’s a future I don’t really want to be a part of.

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Yeah there were a few Porsches I was never able to get in FH3. :frowning: When they showed up in the auction house, it was always for 20mil.

I like time limited content. Especially when it only takes 20 minutes to get everything.


Also, raise the max auction price of the rare cars. Some people hoard them because they are worthless in the Auction House unless you are a Legend status tuner.

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how is that gonna help, would just make it worse
would be better off reducing the highest buyout


If I could get more than $150k for my Caddy Limo, for example, I might be tempted to sell it to finance a larger purchase.

If someone could sell a Ferrari 812 for $10mil, I might actually see one and be able to buy it.

So it would be better off reducing the max buyout to 10 million on every car

I now have over 30 million credits and nothing to spend on
If i get any duplicate rare cars they go straight in the auction house at minimum max buyout…limos included…i dont need the credits
Way too easy to get credits in this game
Not sure what the greedy legendary tuners/ painters do with their 999 billion credits…

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Not sure what all of the reasons are, but my reason for wanting a ton of credits is so I can afford all of the upgrades for the builds I do. I could actually afford to make a rally Jaguar Lightweight E-Type, a drift Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, and a drag Maserati 8CTF with credits left over for other builds.

People don’t sell them because they’re not worth selling if you can’t get what they’re worth. This makes them even more rare, driving the prices up even further for “legendary” tuners/painters. Let people sell their cars and there will be more going around.

Economics 101

I don’t mind at all that there is content locked behind single player events that I can go and get any time if I want to, even years from now after they’ve turned down all the servers, and the game is only playable in single player. But the novelty of weekly time limited events has worn off long ago. I still do it. I don’t know why. Some kind of compulsion, I guess, or nothing else better to do. But if the next game in the series tones it down significantly, or doesn’t do it at all, I won’t complain in the least.

If “unicorns” were as easy to acquire as any other wreck, then they wouldn’t be unicorns…just another vehicular swipe-left as you scramble to your Hoonigan RS200 or Boneshaker during vehicle selection.

There are some exceptions, but most of the unicorns aren’t even all that useful. You’d think once you finally acquired the coveted Ford Pinto, fabled Chevrolet Chevette, or some other godforsaken “rare” wreck, that it would be super fast, drift like a dream, or have some other valuable attribute, but nope, not so much. Even in their championship division (w some exceptions) unicorns largely fail to even be remarkable enough to be a top-top model on their own leaderboard.

But there’s the rub — since they’re largely unremarkable, without any FE superpowers, there’s no “damage” to the player base because you don’t need them to be successful, to win, or to complete anything. Vanity items, that’s all. Largely no more useful than that pair of polka dot flats you just scored for your drivatar on your last wheelspin.

Now, if unicorns DID have some special attributes and were really difficult to come across, then players might have some ground to stand on when bellyaching about unicorns. As such, we actually have those already, they’re FE cars, but they’re plentiful as they just give those things away for free, never mind locked up as rewards for that “very hard challenge” that “gives players the actual sense of pride and accomplishment.”

Regarding the FH3 unicorns, I don’t quite understand what your beef is. What was it that PG was supposed to do with them after February? Everyone on Planet Earth already had the same amount of time to honk twice to unlock during a forzathon however, like you said, they’re still available through the auction house and you should have trillions of credits by now, so what’s the problem??

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Unicorn cars make me keep playing this game. If everything was available anytime, I would finish the story, buy a Chiron, buy the Senna, maybe the limo, drive around for a bit and stop playing the game because I would have no more goals. Forza Editions alone aren‘t incentive enough.


Forza Horizon 4 Features Wishlists

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