just got in forza motorsport 7 ultimate edition, menu still stutters on my high end system!

just got in forza motorsport 7 ultimate edition, menu still stutters on my high end system!

It’s not as bad as in the demo but it still stutters/freezes around every 4-5th second or so.

It’s annoying, what can the cause be here in the actual game??

It’s happening All the times in cutscenes and in menu it stutters hard but ingame seems somehow fine

Ok nvm it also stutters hard in game from time to time especially when I go in cockpit

Could you tell me if CPU 0 core is still at 100% while other cores are 20-30% max in the full game ?
If yes, that’s the reason of your stutter.

I have some insane lag in the menus when the race is loading or when you are getting rewards, but ingame is fine. I found a “workaround”… as ridiculous it sounds, it works for me:

when you are getting a lot of lag, simply pull the mouse to the top of the screen, so the header comes up(the minimize/close button etc). It seems that putting the game “out of focus” removes the insane amount of stutter. Which of course doesn’t make sense, but it’s what it is.

In the demo menu-stutters were caused by monitors with refresh rate set higher then 60hz, and G-Sync / FreeSync technology. do you run MSI Afterbuner, or any “monitoring / capture” software?

Also turn off game-mode in windows settings and Windows DVR / Game Bar. it gives less stutter.

well this explains why me putting the forza window out of focus fixes the menu stutter - my monitor is gsync 165hz, and i guess when the game is out of focus it gets capped at 60 fps or something.

Can you please reach out to us at forzafb@microsoft.com so we can continue to investigate this and gather some additional information from you? Thanks.

All cores seems to be working on my 6900K yet still getting stuttering.

I also changed from 165 Hz to 60 hz bit better but it’s still there.

Already disabled game mode and DVR

There is a advanced graphics setting of FM7 settings to set “performance target” FPS at “unlocked”, maybe try that. idk.