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Don’t yell at T10. Don’t hit them, or, yell at the people that do hit them. I think it’s cool that they are there. It’s part of the game. It sounds more like dumb luck for you.

Nonsense talking. I didn’t hit them on purpose. If you are going on the last straight on the up hill and the tires are just behind the crest you don’t see them until you reached a point where is no way to avoid it So if there are more then 2 tires laying there it slows the car extremely down or worse, the front decides to change the direction. THIS IS NOT COOL!

Those cones, commercial boards and tires should moved into digital trash.


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[Mod edit -WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the ToS]

Tires and signs all over the track for the entire race is just dumb. It’s one of those things I’ve had a strong dislike for since I got this game. They don’t add anything special, they just cause problems. Especially when theirs walls on the edge of the track/fastest line like Long Beach.

Just the other day their was a big Mobile 1 sign just over the crest of the hill on the pit straight at Road America. I didn’t see it when I was driving up the hill, I was looking at the distance meter to see how far the other cars behind were then that suddenly came out of nowhere. I tried to avoid it but couldn’t do it in time and it sent me into a spin into the grass on the left.

Then theirs the tires all over the track that hurt your momentum, no matter how many times I clear the fastest line theirs ALWAYS more on the next lap. I don’t know how anyone can seriously call that “cool”, it’s nothing but an annoyance especially when you aren’t the one causing the mess.

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I do think the tire bundles detract from the look of the track as well.

Just bring back sticky grass or something in cutting areas, or do something similar to Grid 2.

The garbage all over the track is a joke. It’s one of those jokes where you don’t get the punch line but you laugh anyhow so nobody thinks you’re dumb. Hell I don’t care if people think I’m dumb, someone explain it to me? I heard they’re mixing things up a little in F1 next season…is it anything like this? Tyres thrown onto the track? Oil slicks? Let’s make the outcome of the race entirely due to luck. No serious racing to be found here.

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Adding piles of garbage to the racetrack is questionable to begin with, but making them physics objects so that they affect your car if you hit them is just ridiculously bad game design, and completely unnecessary.

I’m kind of 50/50 on them to be honest.

In hoppers where there is so much chaos going on i think it is sometimes rather amusing having these addition obstacles, especially if ive been badly wreckly on the first lap and theres no hope of a decent finish i’ll play my own little game cone carnage whereby no cone should be left unharmed and in-place. Theres also something very satisfying about knocking all the cones into the middle of the track down the long straight on yas, its even great to watch from behind or undernearth as they spurt up like a water fountain then rain down on the cars behind. It’s also funny, in that har-har not really way, that the tires are actually solid objects so when there is one hard up against a solid wall and you’ve gone into a corner too hot whereby you’d normally hit the wall, you can get super lucky and hit the tire just right so that its as if you grazed the wall but it doesn’t dirty the lap.

In spec/league races with friends where its all serious business and proper racing going on with full damage, i totally agree they are merely an annoyance and throws in a factor of luck that need not be there. It’s all too common in these quite lengthy races in excess of an hour where fatigue can set in, one person can slip up and spew tires all over the place or one of those rediculously heavy signs that must be made out of lead rather than the safer alternative substances of foam/plastic. What then proceeds is a series of dominos ruining other peoples race as they either swerve or hit one of these obstacles in the middle of a straight and then go sliding off the track in a cloud of smoke causing additional obstacles on the track. The person who first slipped up feels bad, the people who are dominos feel bad and the person who may or may not have otherwise won feels bad - its just bad all round.

It’s another case where a simple option/toggle should be added which would work miracles and cater for both types of crowds - the casual hopper crowd where its turned on and there is obstacles-a-plenty, the competitive/serious/hardcore crowd where it could be off/minimal (cones only for example).

Heck i’d even love to see an ‘extreme’ toggle where there is obstacles intentionally placed all around the actual track at the start of the race, maybe even a jump ramp or two and the aim is to navigate through them and the other racers to finish first - sort of a blend of auto-cross rivals and hoppers where it’s the fun level of horizon but with the tracks+physics of motorsport :slight_smile: