Just a TIP for people who want to tune all their cars

Their is a limit to how many tunes you can store in your garage, but actually you can tune all of the cars with just 1 tune anyway. Recently I have been tuning all of my cars, and I do it like this…

Tune a car… delete the tune… tune another car… delete the tune. Just 1 tune needed!

The cars then ‘remember’ what tunes you put on them, and the game saves them all individually.

It is handy to tune all of your cars for the seasonal events, as then you have many cars to choose from.


It even easier then that.
You can tune a car without even saving the tune.
Just tune it, and when you’re done instead of clicking ‘save’ you press escape (or whatever ‘back’ is on your system). Then the game asks if you want to apply the changes you made, you confirm, and thats it.
The tune is applied but not saved, and thus doesn’t count towards the 500 tune limit.

Yes. If you use recommended tunes you delete them after.

Guessing the only DISadvantage to doing it this way is if you want to race a car stock, and you use the upgrade to “reset to default” or whatever that option is, if you want to put back your tune you have to re-create it at that point, right?

Your tunes are easily lost my way, my idea is mainly for all the cars that have NEW on them that you don’t use so that they can be used in the seasonal events.