Just a thought and opinion

So ill start by saying yes, FH2 did basically screw up my drifting on FM5 (partially because I really dont play FM5 anymore) and yes, drifting on FH2 is not hard. But in my opinion, drifting on FH2 is the most fun ive had drifting since FM2. I know a lot of people are saying “oh drifting on FH2 takes no skill” and blah blah blah. Im not disagreeing with that at all. But I still spend the time on FH2 tuning and perfecting my drift cars like on previous forza’s, but unlike FM5, im not spending the majority of my time tuning. I know people have varying opinions, and im not saying anyone is wrong. I did enjoy FM5, and yes it did take way more skill, but idk something about FH2 is just a little more fun to me. Just stating my opinion so please no arguing.

With all this being said, im very excited for FM6!

Lockable, I’ve been trying to get in contact with you to coordinate a session. I also agree with your post.