Just a simple question about the banned subject.

Can any1 tell me the time scale of the ban you get.

What kind of thing you have done to deserve a ban for
Hours / Weeks / Months

I just want to know this as i have just got a ban for 163hrs.
Fair enough if i done something wrong ( i’ll put my hand up and say ok it was me i was wrong )
But i just cant think of anything that i’ve done.

Is it to much to ask for an extra line on the Banned Message saying what it was you did.

This time it was a profane Vinyl, along with an item you didn’t have permission to be selling from the original artist. Information on what the violations were is simple: Violations of the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct. There is no room to include each individual violation in the message generated to your account. You couldn’t fit “McLaren is a grumpy ****!” and the description of the stolen items.

Your previous ban in Horizon was based on the same thing, attempting sales of liveries for which you were not granted permission by the original artists to be selling. Best solution: Only sell items which you yourself have created. Items you may have traded for, purchased or were Gifted to you apparently is leaving you open for bans.

These normal bans are seven days (168 hours), 30 days (720 hours) and permanent from the time the ban is placed by Turn 10. You apparently saw the current ban five hours after it was placed, so the clock was counting down.