Just a couple multiplayer ideas

What if every online race started with a rolling lap and everyone was ghosted for the first lap (to avoid giant pile ups).

Another idea I had earlier was to have a sort of social space where x amount of players could load into the pits of a selected track and had the freedom to walk around the pits checking out other cars or hang out in the stands and watch other players do hot laps or drift etc… (Really think I’m on to something with this one) and then you could take your car on to the track.

Final idea, get rid of the damn party/game chat override you put in the game. Nothing more frustrating than being in a party with friends not playing fm7 and having to keep switching back and forth between chat channels…

Your not allowed to ideas around here.


Sarcasm or for realsies?

While the ghosting idea might seem like a good deal, every car could take the same line at the same time and when unghosted, cars could be occupying the same spot.

My son has gts, I wouldn’t trade FM7’s off line racing for anything in gts as I’ve seen yet. He hasn’t got to do online racing yet as I guess there are two video tutorials you have to watch before getting online, that’s where he’s at right now. Hopefully I’ll get to see his online soon to see what it’s like. I’ll be curious to see how their ranking system works because as everyone knows, if someone want to spoil others fun, they’ll find a way to do it, it’s just the nature of those types of people.

Your mingling in the pits kinda sounds like the car meets in horizon 2, so possibly doable, but I doubt it. IDK how many people go online in a racing game to socialize, I know I don’t, but I’m far removed from the stuff kids find interesting these days.

It would be cool if the game could track these ‘people’ that intentionally ram others by flying in to a corner full speed, by ghosting their car so as not to disturb the actual racer and then maybe flag the car as disqualified and leave them ghosted to run a muck as they wish in vein. That’d sure spoil their fun.