June car pack

Hi June car pack 10. cars yes or not? Pls yes…!!!

What happened to June?


Yeah…we skipping June?

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Get with the times people. June is the new number 13! :wink:

So excited to skip right over June, eh? Either way … these things get announced through the ‘News’ section; so, it’d be best if you waited for something (if anything) to be announced. All you’re going to get here in the forums is unfounded speculation.

Sorry edit june

There won’t be a June pack.

There will be one Car Pack in June. Turn 10 will not tell any informations now people, you have to wait 9 days until June. I don’t know when they first talk about the Car Pack. There will be one, because John said ‘‘hope you will have fun guessing with the June Car Pack!’’.

But yes, have patience, it will come. It’s not like it they pull out the June Car Pack one week and a half before June…

A search of all of the posts by johniwanna and the term ‘June’ yield: “no results found for search”. Furthermore, there is no such indication on John’s Facebook page that alludes to a June car pack. Now, I’m not saying there won’t be June DLC by any means. I’m simply pointing out that the above appears to be a misquote.


You are messing up with the end of the Season Pass free Packs.

Lukas Sottnik,

You should rephrase your sentence at the beginning, it seems you are asking if there will be cars in the next Pack. Of course! What will we have, tractors, lawnmowers, bikes?

Are we defo getting a june pack?

That is the skinny apparently. I personally haven’t seen any of the dev quotes people point to , but since nobody has been debunking them either, it seems a safe bet.

Someone post a link or source or something that proves that there will be a June car pack please. Won’t believe it if not. I won’t doubt there to be one, but until we see some hard evidence, can’t saying anything for sure.

Yeah, I didn’t find that one either. I found the other popular “the best is yet to come” reference though: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postsm105234_May-Car-Pack-Clue-Thread.aspx#post_105234

And there is this one, which I can vouch for. Just nothing directly relatable to the month of June.

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And there is that, too. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store!

Im still waiting for a potential May booster back. There has been alot of speculation and talk about Monza or the Ring coming in the form of a booster pack. Usually the pattern has been release standard car pack first tuesday of the month and usually a booster pack 2-3 weeks later. But, time will tell, there are still so many hot releases from last year and this year that T10 needs to have in the game. I say if car packs get released in july or august then maybe we will start seeing some newer cars. T10 says it takes 6 months to scan in one car. So at the earliest we would probably see 2014-2015 models by july, again “IF” that were to happen.

I was also expecting a May booster pack.

Where has that expectaion come from?

Expect what has been officially announced. If they announce more then make that your expectation.

Creating our own expectations often leads to disappointment.