June 7 multiplayer Hopper change

Is it possible, to change the Virus Tag hopper minigame in online back to being A class? Because B class is a bit too slow and boring, and it’s likely it’ll just take longer for the sessions to end, making the whole experience even worse. So if I could get some support, or maybe some help of if it will ever be changed. that’d be greatly appreciated.

All tag hoppers rotate their class every other week. The next rotation is on Thursday 6/21. A class will be back in a few weeks time.

I’m waiting for s class. I love a class tag but the switching around is nice between b, a and s. I just need to build more b class cars

I like that tag rotates classes, but still waiting for tag on tracks.

Ok, so they have Drag lobbies with AWD, FWD, and RWD restrictions now. Awesome. Didn’t ask for it(I didn’t, but many others did,) but it’s still nice to have.
There is still one BIG issue, that I can’t emphasize enough.
Let’s say I go to Unlimited AWD Drag with my new drag car I just tuned. I am all excited to finally try it out against other playe- aaaaand there’s three Plymouth GTX FF in the lobby and I am going to lose. Ok, I will just join a new lobby. Aaaaand now it’s two Volkswagen Beetles, a Hoonicorn, and another Plymouth GTX FF. Any lobby I join, these are just some of the main fastest cars in the game that are spammed. With Unlimited Drag classes, the chances of getting a decent race are just slim to none unless you grab yourself one of the fastest cars in the game, and download a tune for it like everyone else does.

One solution to this could be custom public lobbies… Ok, that’s not gonna happen, but what about just drag by class as well. Or maybe just drag with custom restrictio- No that would be custom lobbies again. Hmmm.

Does anyone have any ideas that could get past this issue?(actually not being sarcastic this time)