July Monthly Drift Rival

Just wanted to make a challenge to any of the points drifters that are on the forms. See how high of a score you can post on Nurburgring GP Rival while only using Negative Camber. Feel free to post your scores and see who can get the Top Score. See you out on the track :slight_smile: P.S. Will be posting my tune later for anyone to try.



This is my tandem tune used for this rival.

Sport Tires
Rear 26lbs
Front 40lbs

Sport Sways
Race Transmission, clutch, diff

-3.0 front
-0.5 Rear

Front 0
Rear -0.5

597 HP

That sound makes my privates tingle.

I love that 5.0 :slight_smile:

50 924

I’m currently at 49 238

Got so close to getting a 50k but couldn’t get the last corner right. Here is my tune setup that I used hope it helps someone to improve their scores. Going to keep trying for my 50k if i change my tune any I will update it and feel free to change anything in my tune to your preference the tire pressure should work for whatever tire compound you use.


Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track


5.7L V8

Twin Turbo


Race Exhaust
Sport Camshaft
Race Valves
Race Displacement
Race Pistons
Sport Twin Turbo

Platforming and Handling

Sport Brakes
Race Springs
Sport Front Anti-roll Bars
Sport Rear Anti-roll Bars
Street Roll Cage
Sport weight Reduction


Race Clutch
Race Transmission
Race Driveshaft
Race Differential


Drag Tires
Whatever rims
Front Tire Width: Stock
Rear Tire Width: 265

Tune Setup

Tire Pressure

Front: 45.0
Rear: 28.0


Final Drive: 4.05
1st: 2.89
2nd: 1.99
4th: 1.16
5th: 0.94
6th: 0.78


Front: -2.8
Rear: -1.2

Front: 4.4
Rear: 3.8

Front Caster: 7.0

Front: 593.2
Rear: 533.4

Ride Height
Front: 4.9
Rear: 4.7


Rebound Stiffness
Front: 9.0
Rear: 8.5

Bump Stiffness
Front: 1.0
Rear: 1.0

Front: 100%
Rear: 0%

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YES, finally got my 50k well 51,403 to be exact.

Something is off about your tune, Miss Sideways94. I was going to try it out, but when I add the engine upgrades that you specify I end up being well over 600hp. Am I missing something?

Yup you are right I forgot when I switched engines that it took all the old parts off I am updating it now.

49k and change with a C class F100 stock tires and
should be able to get 52 if i take the time and do more laps but im lazy

Just under 50k after an hours work, using a proper setup.

Watched your replay not bad but your not holding out your corners enough with that PROPER setup you got there.

You mean stopping after every turn? I’ll pass thanks.


Why don’t you go watch a replay of Mr Pete or PDS Freak then you’ll know what I’m talking about since you can’t seem to understand words.

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Why are you so aggressive to every single person posting in the DL?

“Proper setup” aka no race tires, no posi camber, blah blah, and he doesn’t like “brake drifting” (which kills me that it’s a thing), then that’s his perogative. You’re attacking someone, and then backpedal and wonder why “tandemers” are “picking on you”.

I know what you’re saying, they lose all speed and carry max angle until the point cut off, which is boring. So I’ll do it the cool way, thanks.


Yea it is. I had to reverse 2 sections in my C truck because i wanted to have the highest-lowest classed car on the board as possible think i’m 20th right now, retuned going to try for a bit higher but still the carry to cut-off is boring as hell its a game killer you’re supposed to fight with the throttle and brake, not playing Ice Curling.

That’s an over statement I am only aggressive with people who like to dictate how people should drift on forza. I only have a problem with three people on the forums I won’t name them because of shaming reasons give you a hint though they some how all miraculously posted in this particular thread.

Well, get used to it. There are less than 20 of us posting regularly. What Minty said wasn’t even that bad. He’s not telling you to change, just his disdain. And the OP did ask for a “proper setup” aka negative camber.

That and it seems the people who rack up big scores are usually the slower guys, which, imo, is super boring but if that’s what it takes to win, I guess.