July DLC

Will the next July DLC be the last one for Forza 5?

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We know it’ll be the last of the free packs for Car Pass holders. Apart from that, its anyone’s guess as to what will happen to updates and DLC.

The last ‘monthly’ DLC, yes. But they’re likely to continue coming out with Booster packs if more tracks come as well as any bonus packs. Would love to see a GT race car pack.

I am also pretty sure we’ll see the Lamborghini Huracan in the July pack. Turn 10 scanned it and it’s in Horizon and Horizon seems to have all the cars from the Forza 5 DLCs.

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I agree about the lambo

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I wouldn’t use the term ‘likely’. But that’s just me.

Me too - and/or some prototypes. I understand the Toyota TS030 P1 Hybrid just got added to GT6 but that would have been a good one to add before the Leman 2.4 hopper.


We do not know if it will be the last or not yet. What we DO know is, it will be the last covered by the Car pass.

Either way the Clio Williams has to appear…probably…or not? So if its not in the July one possibly still room for more.

If it doesn’t it will be a launch car in Horizon 2 one other Renault has already been confirmed which is nice since the first Horizon didn’t have any.

I might be wrong, but I thought that one of the IGN articles with the interview of one of the Turn 10 devs said that the Huracan will be coming to the Horizon 2 series first? I don’t have a source or anything, but it was one of the Q&A ones and the way I took it (which might have been wrong) was that they confirmed that the Huracan’s first game to be showcased in will be Horizon 2.

I could post a myriad of cars from past games or that haven’t been released. However I will only post five that I would like to see.
2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
1967 Ferrari 330 P4
2005 Ferrari FXX
2009 Pagani Zonda R
1993 Vector W8


Join in with the rest of the wishes.

Stray wish list, confirmed.

We do not know if July is the last of the monthly packs. The announcement if the car pass extension has been misquoted in a few articles.

All we were told about was when the car pass was originally going to end and that July will be the last pack included in the car pass. Nothing was said about the future of monthly car packs.

Didn’t they say something about adding 2 more packs to the car pass?

Originally the car pass was going to end with May’s car pack but they extended the car pass by two months. That is what the announcement says but some people including some gaming websites are interpreting the announcement as dlc will cease in July even though that is not the way the announcement was worded.

Here is the wording of the announcement:

Forza 5 Car Pass Extended to July

Recently, we’ve seen lots of questions from players around our ongoing plans for DLC in Forza Motorsport 5. After the release of the Meguiar’s Car Pack – which was originally scheduled to be the final pack included in the Forza 5 Car Pass – some players were wondering if we were done altogether with DLC for the game. I’m happy to put that notion to bed here and now; not only is more DLC on the way, but today we’ve also got some fantastic news for Forza 5 Car Pass owners.

As a thank you to all of our loyal fans, we are extending the life of the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass to include two additional monthly car packs. If you are a Car Pass owner, that means you’ll be getting the next two monthly DLC car packs – the “June” pack, which is scheduled for release next Friday (more on that below), as well as our “July” car pack – at no additional charge. That’s 20 additional cars for you to collect, customize, and race, bringing the total to 90 DLC cars for Forza 5 Car Pass owners!

Now, about that “June” pack. As most of you know, we typically release our Forza Motorsport 5 DLC car packs on the first Tuesday of each month. Under normal circumstances, that means that our next car pack would be released on Tuesday, June 2. This time, however, we are moving up our release schedule by a few days, which means the next Forza 5 DLC car pack will be available on Friday, May 30.

Like all Forza 5 DLC cars, once you own a pack (or individual cars) you’ll be able to add them to your Forza 5 garage without using in-game credits or tokens. Look for more details about the next monthly car pack for Forza 5 on Friday, May 30, and the full rundown on the July car pack in the coming weeks. As always, thanks for playing Forza 5 and look for more news soon!

Ahh… Ok. Reading that, the answer is up in the air. There’s no telling how long they will choose to continue the monthly car packs. But the June and July are free for car pass owners. Beyond that they’ll have to pay like anyone else without the car pass.

They have. June and July.