July 30th update issues

Each time I try to open forza on my Xbox One X after the update I get “For some reason Forza Horizon 4 took too long to start. (0x8027025a)” even rebooted twice. Game will not load. Anyone having this issue? Retro Krystal, is there a “work around” for this?

Is there even an update today?


Oh yes, mine just started. It took ages to start I was getting worried that it would timeout.

Mine still give me the same error. Ridiculous

no problem on the Xb1X here. i did a full shutdown after the download after reading this. opened straight away

I’m reinstalling now since after an hour it’s become obvious it’s not going to work. Glad this post might have saved you some grief.

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Did this manage to fix the issue? If not, make sure to submit a ticket to the support site and attach a screenshot of this error code.

(I am not support but will help if I can! But for any future bugs/issues, you may want to post in the Community Support forum as this may be able to get you help quicker and the support team read this forum)

Thanks for the heads-up! :+1::+1: I did a console restart after the update completed and FH4 started just fine. I read this thread prior to updating so I’m not sure if I would’ve encountered an issue had I launched FH4 without the restart.

Posting in community support will not help. Issues get ignored there just like support tickets. There has been people with crashing and slow loading times sending tickets and posting in community support and there has been zero help. I doubt the support team reads any of it. After yesterdays update I have been unable to run the game. Just like the last 2 updates. The game will eventually start, but I will have to sit through at least one crash and then slow loading. It takes close to 10 minutes for the game to start. There has been no help from anyone.

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i cant start game after last update too

but support dont care for our problem month by month xD