Join The Drift Mafia Now!

We are recruiting members for The Drift Mafia! Message me on Xbox Live at MxsfitManny I am the founder of The Drift Mafia. This team is very active daily and participate in events and competitions. Message today! Join now! We are Active! Accepting all! We are The Drift Mafia. Find us on Instagram @171mafia .

Is this the real mafia?

I noticed your Instagram is all about saying you guys are from 2007, but I’m not recognizing anyone from the OG DM… Or are you guys copy cats?

Also the original DM was established in 2005… So if you guys are gonna be like half these other new teams stating they’ve been around “since ____” you might want to make sure there’s no one around to catch you on it…

Lol lol lol lol lol

Who is this fake Drift Mafia? You aren’t in drift mafia, never were. THIS These are the real drift mafia. We haven’t gone anywhere. :wink:



Yea you are a fake. Provide some old evidence like this bro.

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SINCE 07 bro!!!


OG DM 2005.

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lol 05 thats cute. Fake. He needs to Go back to using his wannabe 187ride or die name.

Considering we had to fight for our ability to even use the name Drift Mafia in 2005 so we’d appreciate if you would change your teams name.

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Bushi miss you breh! Merry Christmas!

Man, these are some copycats with no backbone anyway. The that posted here isn’t even the one running things…

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That makes things even funnier besides the Instagram acct alone

funny how the ig accnt says 171 and not Drift Mafia huh? They also claim to be the only ones “known” on youtube, yet I haven’t found a single video on them? Whereas we are on youtube,vemeo, and even have old recordings laying around. Nothing to see here. Just some wannabe piggybacking off another known team lol

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Man anyone thinks we quit needs to get slapped. And who are these possess running around with our name.

What’s up DM crew! (The Real Ones). WaK here from Slide America. I haven’t seen you guys around in quite a while!

Well we were partnered with someone from the old Drift Mafia but it doesn’t matter anymore. I started this new team, maybe I took the name but now I have revived it and now people from the community recognize me as a great leader, many missed me when I left for awhile. I don’t want to be related to the old Drift Mafia but my own Mafia. That was 6 months ago and I am sorry if I have offended you all but my intentions are making my team strong and competitive and rep this name. I’ve fought for this name too, judged and threatened. But at the end of the day fellas…it’s just a game. Have fun, forget the drama. This game wasn’t made to divide us but unite us for the same likes that we have. Hope y’all will understand, God Bless.

Doesn’t matter. No drama, just facts. You don’t get to take the credit and respect that another team has built for themselves over the past decade.

If you’re truely a great leader you can continue leading, under a new name.