Join [P0N3] ForwardMotion. The 450+ member do-all club on Horizon 3

Want to join a club that accepts anyone and everyone regardless of passion? ForwardMotion is the club for you. Originated in 2014 on Horizon 2, we have always upheld a friendly and approachable staff as well as a no-kick policy to all respectful and courteous members. As the title suggests, we currently have over 450 members and are ranked among the top 50 clubs in the world, already surpassing our standings on Horizon 2. Our events mainly focus around free roam, although others including online adventures are also participated in from time to time. We are very open to suggestions and ideas from our members, letting them decide when and where they would like an event to be held. That is not including the events I or a Co-leader will host ourselves. We also encourage members to share their tunes/paints/photos and more within the club.


-Club can be searched by tag “P0N3” or name “ForwardMotion”, or by searching my gamertag, “JonGoneAWOL”.

-Our only major rule is to have respect for all members, regardless of who they are. You must also be mature. These rules are our exception to the no-kick policy and you can and will face removal if you violate them.

-Club events will be scheduled at random. Although a more structured schedule will be created once we learn which days/times work best for members.

-More co-leader positions may come up later on with specific jobs for each. Although very few of these positions will be made.

-We want all members to have fun. Therefore any complaints/comments/concerns are accepted.

We welcome you to join and thank you for your consideration. See you on the open road.