Johniwanna Love-Letter WRX and Jump Seat Rival

This is the awesome FH2 VIP Gift Car, just in time for VD, if you have not seen it yet.

This new Monthly Rivals ‘Jump Seat’ even is an utter blast with this car! (as you can see in photo above)
I’ve made several passes at it, am climbed into the top 20% so far! I think SatNiteEduardo is #1 at the moment, not sure there is any catching him!

Thanks T10, beautiful car, and great new rival events this month!

During the Twitch broadcast Johniwanna mentioned that the Jump Seats rival event made him think of the Subaru Brat. Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t send John a Love Letter since he hasn’t posted a time, I tuned up my Starsky and Hutch Brat Turino and set a 1:17.658. Good enough for 5th but I fully expect to get pushed down list. Subbies occupy the top nine spots in the Leaderboard right now.

Thank you for the Love Letter Subaru. Very well done livery by Vixen.

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That is awesome Shaggy, I started trying this in my A Class ‘Brat’ but so far I am not catching the WRX leaders, but trying to get up there.

Strange have gone to enter this challenge but the Evo is not in the list of cars to use ??.
I know this is a gifted car
But No Evo’s in my list or scubbies either.

WHOOPS was on the wrong account, No Panic :slight_smile:

I was pleasantly surprised to find this in my mailbox, thanks PG and Turn 10 for the car! Gonna give it a go in the rivals event tonight, hope i can get up there lol

Plenty of leaderboard room out there still! Good luck, if you get any good pictures of the car, feel free to post them in the thread here :slight_smile:

Managed a 1:17.414 which got me to 3rd at the time of doing it. Took only 2 laps to so was happy with that.

Just got back into it, you got knocked down to 13 which is STILL awsome!! Ha I got knocked down to 205, which for me is not too bad, I was up near 25 but knew it would not last. SatNiteEduardo is still intrenched at #1 1.12.551!

Wow, that is awesome, nice job, I couldn’t get nearly that close! I am not sure if you are still up there, I’ll have to get back in there later today and see how far I dropped!

The art work on Love Letters design is so realistic. Thank you Robin and T10 for the gift.

I love the 05 WRX on the tarmac but with the right tune it can go good on the dirt and grass. I have been chasing SatNite in his 22B and I’m catching him with my Love Letters car. I think I’ve got the route figured out but need that perfect run to catch Ed. My best lap so far is 1:14.362. So close and I haven’t given up yet. I am so addicted to this rivals event.

Servers have been awesome for days now. Thanks Johnniwanna and T10 for all your effort.

I am chasing Satnite too :wink:

I did get Johnni’s car into the 13s but I think he left the engagement ring in the glove compartment, as the car felt too heavy to go any quicker.

Hahahah, must be quite sureal trying to catch yourself! Wish you a lot of luck topping your time in the ‘Love Letter Mobile’ if you manage it. You definitely are rocking this event, in any A Class car though!

I agree that the 05 WRX is heavy but I am having fun trying to catch you in your 22B rocket ship. At the moment I’m content with running the 05 but I may surrender my love letter mobile for a rocket ship like yours, Ed. Its so much fun runnin this course in any car.

When is this challenge over? I left town for my other job and forgot my copy of FH2 at home so I have’t been able to play this weekend. I’ll be back home later tonight so I’d love to give it a go and try my best to chase Eduardo down. :wink:

Its a monthly rivals event so should run for about 6 weeks :wink:

Checked the LB last night. As expected I’ve been pushed down the list a bit but not as far as I expected. Also conspicuous by his absence is Johniwanna. It seems he has yet to set a time. I get the feeling he’s going to send some Love Letters during today’s twitch broadcast. I won’t be able to watch it live but I’ll catch it later this afternoon. Go easy on us, John. :slight_smile:

Hhaha yep he did, was watching the Twitch today, he did a few runs under his own GT, not Mechberg’s (like last week) and sent a few love letters out.

While I was spared the humiliation of a public defeat at the hands of Johniwanna, a Love Letter was waiting for me as he did best my time on the stock Lambo event. (Rural Rumble?) I sent one right back.

Y’Know what we need in response to John’s Love Letter car? A Return to Sender car. :slight_smile:

You know this is a BRILLIANT idea! Anyone up for the task? ( I am a terribly painter, unless you want worse then stick figure looking designs) Would be awesome to have a ‘Return to Sender’ !

I took a couple laps in the Love Letter’s car for a pretty good time. For now I"ll be chasing Eduardo trying to catch his time ('05) time in the '05. :slight_smile:

This is a fun event and I love the free car. Sure I have three now, but Subaru’s always make an excellent choice of present. Thank you guys.