Joetben's photo gallery [Updated 15/11/15]

Hey guys, this is my very first photo gallery in Forza. I don’t have much to show at the moment but i hope i will eventually. I am sure (I would hope) that i will get better with time with, hopefully your inputs and opinions. So here it goes:

My first subject, the beautiful Audi RS6 avant, in the bernese alps:

And then the Mecedes AMG GT. I feel these have a darker tone in general.

Sticking with the German theme:

From Forza 4:




I like that first photo. Critique: not Audi RS Blue and not Audi Pearlescent White… I don’t think the white color would look good for this location. The Blue is pretty solid and the red might actually really pop out here. Have you given those a try?

The whole thing keeping it to three main colors, right? You have the whites all over the background. The mountains also have some color in there that matches the tracks and asphalt around the location. Then you have the flags dotted around the road and those are all red. You have white, asphalt, and red and then you throw in the blue Audi which doesn’t complement these colors but it doesn’t really stand out enough to pop out offer a large contrast. Try the red and see what happens.

Then again, I’m no graphics designer or photographer, I’m quite terrible at using the Forzatography mode, and have a very limited knowledge in the theory of this sort of thing. I can only offer my opinion. I may be totally wrong.

I like how that first shot turned out though -.

Can’t wait to see more.

Thank you PPi, I don’t think I will revisit any picture ive taken, but the color theme is something i had not considered before. For my next pics i will definetly make sure to keep that aspect in mind. As for the Audi not beign 100% RS blue, I don’t think it’s all that important… Honestly i liked that blue better, but i understand an Audiphile such as you might find it slightly aggravating haha.

I like how you can totally tell what car it is in that last photo and then suddenly that rear wheel and brake caliper just pop out at you in color.

That must be a fun car to photograph.

I’m liking the dark, richness of this one for sure.

@ppi, yeah i loved to photograph the car, didn’t have so much fun doing so on laguna seca. I expected the track to be more photo-friendly. Maybe it’s just me.

@trainedrope, thank you man, i felt the same way about it. I like how you can see the dirt on the hood. Loved the contrast from light to dark side on it.

Good job on the last two!

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Thank you, although i’ve just updated, the last two might not be the ones you’re thinking of…

If you ever edited any shots in the future. Then I reckon this one would be perfect for a first time edit.

@pebb all shots are taken in game, no retouches on any editor such as photoshop

I like to mix it up in my gallery with some photo-shopped photos and some not. Just depends on the shot. I think he was more getting at, if you ever wanted to try photo-shopping one of your images, that image would be a good one to try to Photoshop.

Oh i see! Well i could if i had photoshop…but even then i’m just starting with photography, i wouldn’t know where to begin i think

Is that last one in the airport test field hanger?

@ppidrive yes it is, you have a keen eye

Nice work so far, this is my favorite!

Thank you Mr. Drift, it seems to be the most popular indeed! I’ll try to post more soon!